Problem with tg3 driver for Broadcom Ethernet cards

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Problem with tg3 driver for Broadcom Ethernet cards

Post#1 by fondfire » 09 Feb 2012, 20:19

I was consistently crashing when trying to boot on a BCM95704A6 network card with 32-bit Porteus 1.1. I tried the 3.2.4 kernel and had the same issue.

Finally, I grabbed the tg3 firmware from Broadcom: ... server.php. After compiling that driver, creating a module to place tg3.ko into /lib/modules/3.2.4-porteus/kernel/drivers/net/ethernet/broadcom/, and rebooting my system on the problem hardware with the new driver, all the problems ceased.

You may want to investigate fixing this driver in the 1.1 kernel or adding a module for this driver.



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Re: Problem with tg3 driver for Broadcom Ethernet cards

Post#2 by fanthom » 10 Feb 2012, 07:49

thanks fondfire,

this driver will be updated separately for 3.2.x kernel.
hopefully Broadcom will manage to merge with mainline for 3.3 and up.
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