Porteus on Pinephone When?

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Porteus on Pinephone When?

Post#1 by dan781 » 11 Apr 2021, 03:04

When will the most
space efficient`
secure and
user friendly variant of linux
be available on a Smartphone?

Has anybody given this a thought as a viable option?
According to every review I ve read so far, all the available
distros tested are either geeky, laggy, buggy, and / or unstable.
Curiously hoping.
Dan 781

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Porteus on Pinephone When?

Post#2 by ncmprhnsbl » 13 Apr 2021, 13:10

:) thanks for the kind words
while there's some work done for ARM: Porteus-ARM (not specifically pinephone cortex-A53, i think)
and that has ceased for the moment too..
currently there's no development that i'm aware of to do a porteus style phone port ..
personally, if i had a pinephone (or any other suitable hardware), i'd be checking out Postmarket0S https://postmarketos.org/
based on Alpine Linux, which your description could just as easily fit :)
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Porteus on Pinephone When?

Post#3 by juanrossi » 11 May 2021, 12:05

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