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why the libraries are parted ?

Posted: 09 Dec 2011, 22:21
by usernew
1st , ---> sorry for my bad , "very bad", english.

the question is that , why the libraries are dividev in 2 modules ??

i say ,the "usr/include" ,part of the libraries ...why put that on devel??

i know ..the usr/include part of the libraries are need only when try compile for update libraries...and think...put in devel module because that have the compilers """" no module devel , you no need usr/include parts""" OK,.

BUT ,when any one try update some librarie ...need remove the old 2 times in the "active" , library are , and after in devel..for no "old" parts of the older librarie...or the old parts in devel..cause errors after other update..because overwirte the new library.

put example...

now ncurses are the last ..5.9 , this is now in core "active part" of the librarie..and usr/include part are on devel..
in the case of tomorrow exit ncurses 5.10 , and any one try update """""nice"""" , need remove 5.9 in core and in devel ...or when put 5.10 on core...the devel..overwrite newst part.

solution 1 .....same of now..all the people, part, and new usr/include parts inside devel. ( no, no no,,no like compress , uncompresss 2 big modules for 1 librarie update)

solution 2 (like more) , put the totally parts of the librarie in the module contains de log package , ..and when any one try update..only remove in the module of the log package are.

ROOT=uncompresed-module-directory removepkg var-log-packae-to-remove

the usr/include parts , only 5-10 megabits in xzm , i know the strategy are when peoplo no need module devel...minor size compilers , no "usr/include needs" , but i a error.

today i updated , xorg-server , to 1.11.2 , mesalib to 7.11.2 , pixman to 0.24.0 , libdrm (all apis habilited) , xorg-drivers ...and some "protocol x headers" ...and now , have only 2 solutions ...put new modules on ""modules folder"" ..or work nice to remove originals...(xorg server module and DEVEL module usr/include parts) ...same work 2 times ...for 1 update....its no nice for developers.

think about.

thanks for your time ...sorry very large post.

Re: why the libraries are parted ?

Posted: 10 Dec 2011, 00:00
by fanthom
why the libraries are dividev in 2 modules ??
2 reasons for that:
1) mentioned by you already: size of modules (not only headers are moved to devel but also statically linked libs: *.a). most people do not care about compiling from sources - devs should know how to do updates correctly.
2) we would like to stay compatible with official slackware releases. updating library from base porteus modules means breaking compatibility with slackware-13.37 and also with official porteus repo.
i would say that this type of updates is not supported by us. you can update applications - no problems, but please stay away from libs.

not sure about brokenman plans - i rather wont change this in 64bit edition.

Re: why the libraries are parted ?

Posted: 10 Dec 2011, 14:16
by brokenman
I agree totally (with fanthom). I think staying parallel to slackware has many advantages, and makes things more stable for users. As mentioned, advanced users will understand what to do to update there components, but the average user will not.

Re: why the libraries are parted ?

Posted: 10 Dec 2011, 21:01
by usernew
ok , no problem for me , only say this, because no all developers/advanced users know libraries are parted.

libreries partes or not poarted,,thie no broken slackware 13.37 compatibility...its only a question of minor space possible when no need devel module,.

i update xorg-server and drivers ...this no broken slackware compatibility...but i understand your position.

thx for read me , and reply, very thanks.