DE independent packages?

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DE independent packages?

Post#1 by Virii » 28 Sep 2011, 21:53


Would it be possible to have several basic packages installed that were independent of the DE? This way if one decides to remove KDE, or LXDE, they would still have some basic functionality.

Some ideas being...

- epdfview
- feh
- gftp
- isomaster
- simpleburn
- usb-modeswitch (for 3G/4G modems)
- wvdial (with/without gui)

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Re: DE independent packages?

Post#2 by BlackRider » 28 Sep 2011, 22:23

If you need any software to be included as a separated module, you can take the Slackware txz (if any) and make a module from it. If there is no txz available, have a look at and make one from there, or use their templates to try to make your own package.

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