Is Porteus IPv6-ready?

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Is Porteus IPv6-ready?

Post#1 by wread » 14 Dec 2017, 00:37

2017 is almost finished...This year the IP's got exhausted. It will be remembered as the year that the available IP's went to end. There are no more IP's available.
All tricks to make the patient live longer were in vain...v4 is not dead but will not live long.

We will have to learn IPv6: now there is ping6, traceroute6, etc, etc. loopback is then ::1 instead of and so on. If I type e.g. ping6 I get "unknown host" at present. It is not far the day when I will get a response. The more advanced countries have it already implemented. V6 should last forever(?).

If you install bind 9 (ipv6-ready) and dig into some server sites, you will find out that many are now ready:,, and many more. The bad thing is that ipv6 and ipv4 are incompatible (almost). Will IPv4 die? The problem has many sides: the ISP's will have to handle v6 and v4 until the users are all v6 ready? Or should there a v4 world wide blackout?

Request For Comments :%)
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