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Posted: 09 Jul 2011, 14:56
by wread
I have been hacking on VLC-1.1.10 recently; I posted the updated modules already a couple of days ago. That package contains the module Avahi, that allows automatic detection of all network connection possibilities; this can be done only if Zeroconf is enabled in the OS.

I learned this by chance: I have an USB stick with Porteus-V1.0-rc2 32-bits and kde-4.2.1-gusterapolis; there I installed VLC-1.1.10 for testing, and I saw this feature "zeroconf", so I tried it. Surprise! it worked! I could browse all the machines -over samba shares- in my office. I tried to do the same with the Trinity version and it says zeroconf is by compilation not enabled.

I haven't tried out kde4-64 bits, but I suppose zeroconf is built in that version. I think we should enable it in next version of Porteus. 8)


Re: Zeroconf

Posted: 10 Jul 2011, 01:30
by brokenman
I needs to be configured during compile of KDE i think. I may be recompiling Trinity as enough has been ported to cmake now.