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Suggestion to edit "Appendix B" on the website

Posted: 25 Nov 2015, 17:31
by George
The online instructions in "Appendix B - Saving changes to a Windows Filesystem" apply to a machine with a regular BIOS, but not on a UEFI machine. Ed_P explained that quite nicely in another thread on this forum, and I think adding a note about that on "Appendix B" would be very helpful to newbie users. For example, I think the following couple of lines would work (almost literally quoting Ed):

"If you are booting on a UEFI machine, you need to locate the /EFI/BOOT/refind.conf file and change line 470 to match the name and location of your .dat file. To make "Save Changes" the default boot option on a UEFI machine, in line 468 copy your changes= parm that you have in line 470. The result would be: options "changes=path/to/porteussave.dat"

Of course, if there are any other important relevant notes, they can be added as well.

Re: Suggestion to edit "Appendix B" on the websi

Posted: 27 Nov 2015, 00:15
by brokenman
Thanks George. I will take a look at updating the documentation with the next release.