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Posted: 29 Dec 2010, 05:34
by fanthom
kernel related stuff (configs, patches, testing results) should go here. all reasonable suggestions are welcome.
i find porteus kernel quite stable so please don't expect that i'll pull reiser4 to next release :evil:

Re: kernel

Posted: 07 Jan 2011, 10:15
by Falcony
Dear fanton, jayflood

Could you kindly commant this topic?

Is it kernel related or harware, or live scripts? - or i do non know...

Re: kernel

Posted: 07 Jan 2011, 18:23
by ponce
just FYI, with 2.6.37-ck1 there's no way to make alsa get my audio card, a realtek intel-hda. :(

on 2.6.36-zen2 waiting for alsa updates upstream ;)

Re: kernel

Posted: 07 Jan 2011, 19:09
by fanthom
i have got some oopses during boot time with 2.6.37 ck1 so i dropped it for now.

Re: kernel

Posted: 28 Jan 2011, 07:35
by Falcony
Could you be so kind to check this bug for new kernel? ... 1232#p1232

Now mouse sometimes freeze as drm_kms_helper problem 2.6.37

It pushed user to turn off polling - but think i there shoud be better solution