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Saving changes in Porteus

Posted: 16 Feb 2015, 01:09
by tdmsilvino
Hello guys,

I've found an easier way to save my changes in Porteus.

Just save the changes directory as a module prior to reboot. Like this:

dir2xzm /mnt/live/memory/changes /mnt/sdb/porteus/modules/changes.xzm

This is an easier solution that could replace the current "Safefile manager", that is created by using dd and mkfs.

Re: Saving changes in Porteus

Posted: 16 Feb 2015, 12:55
by brokenman
This is the method used by the 'save session' function in PSC and also the changes=EXIT cheatcode. By far the easiest way to save changes is using the changes= cheatcode into a folder on a linux file system. It saves stuff real time. It should also be stressed that your method should be done in 'always fresh mode' only and the target module must be somewhere on a real file system and not in the live file system (e.g: /tmp /home /root).

I personally use the manual method you have described and date the modules. When I am happy everything is stable I merge the modules into one.