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Developers - suggestion

Posted: 10 Feb 2015, 07:33
by tome
Add community DE modules to wizard/server (openbox-ncm, fvwm-neko, lxde-neko, if ncmprhnsbl and neko agree, + additional info: made by community, may be useful, but not tested by Porteus main developers).
The advantages is that these modules are used by maintainers so they could be continuous improve. Or you can sign it as community-Release-Candidates, or add maintainers to Porteus developers? Also some people asked for LXDE module.

Re: Developers - suggestion

Posted: 10 Feb 2015, 15:20
by fanthom
the main problem is coordination. we do push next release and community desktops and not updated yet or are simply abandoned.
i would rather add a link to the wizard saying that alternate desktops maintained by the community can be find here: $some_url

i could create a special category for such desktops if my idea gets accepted.

Re: Developers - suggestion

Posted: 11 Feb 2015, 09:50
by tome
Great. I accept your idea, but more important are details.

I can imagine it for example so:
We have ca. 200MB on porteus server (like beny, wread in the past?, own password).
Added directory current/'modules-community' for both arch, we must have permissions to those directories.
Every new release/update those directories would be emptied, so we must push something fresh to it.
If something exist, then it would be generate link/button in the wizard "Community DE" section (any community icon + DE-name.xzm).