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Suggestion: Module control centre

Posted: 02 Jan 2015, 22:02
by Phiphler
I've really grown to like Porteus. Slackware is the perfect base for a stable and modular system. If I need something that is not available in the USM or Slackbuilds I can just use tools like to build it, or just build it from source.

One thing I feel is missing a tool to keep track of which modules are loaded. I put the modules I make in the /porteus/modules and /porteus/optional, but it's sometimes hard to remember which modules I already activated.

A tool that could show me what modules are loaded and be used to load and unload would be very helpful.

Re: Suggestion: Module control centre

Posted: 03 Jan 2015, 00:23
by Bogomips
Hi, to see modules, usually using CLI: lsblk.