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Porteus Settings Centre

Posted: 05 Jun 2012, 20:04
by brokenman
Here is my proposal for the next PSC. Please feel free to add suggestions or comments. Having a central launcher for all 'Porteus unique' apps will free up the system menu and make some tasks easier.


- Update Porteus
- Porteus FAQ
- Porteus installer
- Network setup
- Change keyboard settings
- System info
- Power saver
- Switch on firewall
- Change passwords
- Encrypt a folder
- Add cheat code to porteus.cfg
- Edit porteus.cfg
- Run script/program at startup
- Magic folders
- Manage changes file/folder
- Save current session
- Language setup
- Change keyboard map
- Get more wallpapers
- Allow switchable graphics (for dual graphics machines)
- Change resolution (xrandr)

Re: Porteus Settings Centre

Posted: 05 Jun 2012, 20:53
by UrUtusUbU
maybe a real instalation of porteus,
maybe a whole disk encryption instalation, i do not see safety in encrypt a folder but if an entire disc,
it does not have the option switch off firewall??, only on??


Re: Porteus Settings Centre

Posted: 05 Jun 2012, 23:09
by brokenman
Thanks UrUtusUbU,

The Porteus installer will handle installation of Porteus to all media. A 'real install' of Porteus meaning the unpacking of modules to a real filesystem is not really feasible for Porteus. It is by nature a Portable and fast OS. Much of the benefits would be lost by a real install. It could be done, but then you might as well install a different distro (lightweight slackware).

Users can use 'magic folders' or the 'save file' manager to create an encrypted container of all changes made to Porteus. This is the equivalent of encrypting an entire disk.

Of course users will also have the option to switch the firewall off, and perhaps other more advanced firewall options depending on time and patience.

Re: Porteus Settings Centre

Posted: 05 Jun 2012, 23:58
by UrUtusUbU
i dont think like you about real install,
retouching the script slaxtohdd you can do it a real install in 5 minutes or less,
i installed in real way porteus version rc1 several times and is more fast than any usb or cd device, and more size.
with rc2 the desktop does not start due to the temporary changes in tde, but if in way text,
i dont want to fix this because i waiting for complete update of tde for try again without less errors,
many things go badly but power can and they are 5 minutes, 7 installing the grub.
i do not understand because you always say that it cannot and is not good.
is not the same install porteus that slackware, no no :)

an encrypted container for me is not the equivalent of encrypting an entire disk.
you are limited to save everything there, in whole disk no,
it is not for taking you the opposite one but they are 2 different things,