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Re: Using slapt-get as a package manager for Porteus

Posted: 21 Dec 2011, 02:33
by fanthom
In terms of availability slackware does not seem to offer as much packages as debian
true but i'm not really worrying about it. Porteus supposed to be small and fast, containing only necessary apps (pocket OS - same as slax). you can extend it's features by additional modules but full blown hd installation is not the main goal here.
if you need that functionality then better go with distros designated for it like debian, *buntu, fedora, suse, mandriva/mageia, etc.
having a large repo is always a nice thing (users can have a choice) but maintaining thousands of packages would be too much for us at the moment i guess.
i would rather focus on smaller number of apps available and making sure that they are up to date and working as expected.
What is nice about porteus is that it is simple and fast. I would like to have that on the top of a debian system.
should be possible as some time ago i have used PClinuxOS as a base system for Porteus: ... yDJRwMSANn
anyway - this was only a proof of concept.
Debian has some nice live distros out there like crunchbang - maybe worth trying?


Re: Using slapt-get as a package manager for Porteus

Posted: 21 Dec 2011, 23:29
by francois
My problem is that I have been functioning frugal install slax and since remix, remix and then porteus for the main systems of my boxes. That might be the reason why I am always leaning toward the hdd intall mirage of the porteus os.

At times I like linux as a hobby, but at other times I have the impression of spending too much time on it. It becomes some sort of addiction.

I am kind of addicted to the crispy, but response and the flexibility of the system. Debian, ubuntu and the like are so slow, at times could be so complicated (I hate sudo and the obligation to be in cli mode to modify the system). I am so grateful that you have kept the root user account.

Maybe I should just be patient and participate fully to the implementation of brokenman's ppm, to understand fully the revolution coming in terms of package management.

Let me say that I appreciate very much the openness, readiness and creativity of the porteus community.

Re: Using slapt-get as a package manager for Porteus

Posted: 19 May 2012, 16:23
by francois
Crunchbang is really worth a try. I have made it my non portable ditribution. Fast, simple, nice and rarer good philosophy and forum. Comes with really basic installation.

Gslapt might be your dependency resolution option. If not Crunchbang with apt-get installs xsane easily.

Re: Using slapt-get as a package manager for Porteus

Posted: 05 Jun 2017, 03:22
by francois
This is called necro bumping. I am sure Ed or bogomips will come up with a fresher thread on slapt-get.