NVIDIA Proprietary Drivers - Porteus 3.2Final - Kernel 4.8.7

Post links to your 32-bit module repos here. Repo maintainers are responsible for resolving any issues caused by their xzm's.
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NVIDIA Proprietary Drivers - Porteus 3.2Final - Kernel 4.8.7

Post#1 by iVAN » 23 Nov 2016, 14:42

..So here are some NVIDIA Drivers for Porteus 3.2 Final - Kernel should 4.8.7

-- you will find 2 Versions the long time actual one 367.57 and the newest 375.20
-- Compile options were ./NV* --opengl-libdir=/lib64
-- If you run in Problems with a blackscreen look at the NVGL100fix
-- I found out there is a link Problem between the Nvidia-Driver and Mesa 11.2.2
-- The Nvidia-Driver links to libGL1.0.0 and the Mesa Links to libGL1.2.0
-- This Problem mostly occurs with my installation after some time with "Changes" on
-- So the fix copies libGL1.0.0 over libGL1.2.0 and the Nvidia-Driver should be happy again....
-- The Fix uses rc.local, so use with caution if you changed this for your own....


Password: p32nvidia
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NVIDIA Proprietary Drivers - Porteus 3.2Final - Kernel 4.8.7

Post#2 by neko » 01 May 2018, 03:59

The kernel build example of "4.17-rc3 including NVIDIA driver" was uploaded.
It is a trial version.

v4.17-rc3-nvidia.tar.xz (88 M)
http://www.mediafire.com/file/z4l9q65n9 ... dia.tar.xz
md5sum: 5132a39891c4acbe708b475645e32b74 v4.17-rc3-nvidia.tar.xz

crippled_sources-4.17-rc3-nvidia-32bit.xzm (21 M)
http://www.mediafire.com/file/kq2vr7h17 ... -32bit.xzm
md5sum: 8975edb3e808d832c037d44b78167f41 crippled_sources-4.17-rc3-nvidia-32bit.xzm

crippled_sources-4.17-rc3-nvidia-64bit.xzm (21 M)
http://www.mediafire.com/file/d4capeco5 ... -64bit.xzm
md5sum: cea5b2491c44312db9ee5599e68bdf15 crippled_sources-4.17-rc3-nvidia-64bit.xzm


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NVIDIA Proprietary Drivers - Porteus 3.2Final - Kernel 4.8.7

Post#3 by SEMERENDO.cr » 08 Nov 2023, 21:37

Porteus i586 should include an option to install directly to the hard disk when booting.
Because on old computers, you can’t boot the desktop, so you can copy the module-if it exists and already-.

Another thing I don’t understand is why it doesn’t include the core that supports more than 3GB memory.

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