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Pre Built Update-Scripts for 32bit

Posted: 02 Oct 2016, 22:25
by Jack
Here is some programs I use or built and would like to share. The only thing is they are built for Mate 32bit version and they should work for other Desktop's. I will try and keep them updated to current version.

I use brokenman scripts file to build them.

Here is a list of modules I did and links.

1. FireFox-50.0b3-i686-1 ... i686-1.xzm
81fe1c07788e5eb6a3759f4bf83596b1 firefox-50.0b3-i686-1.xzm

2. Flashplayer-plugin- ... i586-1.xzm
5a476941b3e878571565e0efcd07b8b9 flashplayer-plugin-

3. libreoffice- ... 2-i586.xzm
0f819d1cdc4b5171bc4d1201d117d5ec libreoffice-

4. opera-12.16.1860-i586-1 ... i586-1.xzm
455fd857e08b9a8bdd04fdb6a5825aaf opera-12.16.1860-i586-1.xzm

5. palemoon-26.5.0-i686-1 ... i686-1.xzm
17100ceeec7fe606c2e1b96f9c1b4000 palemoon-26.5.0-i686-1.xzm

6. wps-office- ... i586-1.xzm
085d9378f76601cd6309363eb3331a6a wps-office-

Re: Pre Built Update-Scripts for 32bit

Posted: 03 Oct 2016, 00:31
by Bogomips
Thanks, Jack.