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Firefox 35.0 incl Flash + KDE thumbnailers/previewers

Posted: 25 Feb 2015, 10:55
by RiAsRa
Hi people,

I created some modules lately:

# 1 For those experiencing problems :cry: with firefox and flash:

you can pick a recent firefox version here: ... i486-1.txz (convert it by right clicking in your filemanager, rename it 04-firefox.xzm and replace the one in the base folder)

also i put the latest flash stuff in a separate module, for you to pick here: ... authuser=0 (just put it in your modules folder, automatically adds the .so file to the mozilla/plugins folder)

# 2 For previewing in Dolphin, i compiled some thumbnailers (graphic, video, pdf, odf, epub ...) and put them in one single module,

get it here: ... authuser=0 (put this one in your modules folder too)

Kind Regards,