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QTGZ Manager 1.0.2 (must have for HDD installs) NEW LINK

Posted: 22 Sep 2014, 21:31
by Ole!zBVFCBzD!HWajQA7rB ... PdjrgyjmEw
md5=dabee431947eae7cbb568253fe655a22 qtgzmanager-1.0.2-i486-1_SBo.xzm

About QTGZManager

QTGZManager is a powerfull tool to manage Slackware Linux 1 TGZ/TXZ packages. It resembles a file manager and consists basicly of 4 (configurable) panels:

Packages found in selected directory;
List of installed packages;
Actions, a tabbed panel where we have access to various actions executed over packages.

Supports KDE 3.x, KDE 4.x, XFCE, LXDE, MATE and Trinity Desktop Environments;
Install/Re install/Upgrade/Downgrade/Remove packages – watching the output of these commands on demand;
View the content of packages (including opening files from non-installed packages);
View the description of packages in colored tooltips;
Find out which package a certain file belongs to;
Search for files inside an installed/not installed package;
Search for packages in directories;
View differences between different package versions;
Freeze/Unfreeze a package so it cannot be accidentally removed/upgraded/downgraded;
Download official OS patches from your nearest Slackware mirror 2.

Re: QTGZ Manager 1.0.2 (must have for HDD installs)

Posted: 11 Nov 2014, 09:26
by ralcocer
Bad Link