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HPPrinter2-Package for Porteus-2

Posted: 07 Apr 2013, 15:43
by wread
Hi all!
With Porteus-v2.0, many packages had to be bumped to match Slackware 14, and the HPPrinter-Package is not the exception. Almost all of its modules have been new compiled to pass in the new environment. Hplip can also handle the newest HP printers and scanners that came to life in the last months.

I have tested it in kde4-32bits, but the package is not kde4-specific. I guess you will need qt4 installed in your system; I use version 4.8.4, just in case you have problems with your actual version. You can download the stack from here. (I didn't include qt4 in the package, for I have it split in 3 parts: kde-qt4, Qt3-Support-qt4 and qt4-no-kde-no-Qt3-Support-qt4)

The 64-bits machines can make use of the compatibility module to make this package work.

With the valuable contributions of francois, Porteus-v2.0 can now print using almost all printers at present in the market.