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Cdparanoia for "Porteus-1.2.482" (KDE-4-32bits users)

Posted: 21 May 2012, 13:26
by wread
The module 004-kde4.xzm has been downloaded 33 times to date. That means there is some interest for KDE-4-32bits. If you are using it on the latest version of Porteus 1.2, you will need cdparanoia to get the Asunder CD-ripper working. Cdparanoia can be downloaded from here:

BTW, if you would like to have your network icon working again, you have to extract 002-xorg and comment out OnlyShowIn=LXDE;XFACE in /etc/xdg/autostart/wicd-tray.desktop, delete old 002-xorg and build a new one (=right-click on folder Build Porteus xzm-module..)

One more thing I have changed is the line 61 in /boot/porteus.cfg to read
"APPEND initrd=/boot/initrd.xz nomagic toroot", so I can start in AF mode as root without typing or erasing anything.