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004-kde4.xzm for Porteus 32-bits (The Bleeding Edge)

Posted: 20 Apr 2012, 20:21
by wread
You can download it from mediafire to "optional"; then switch it with 004-tde.xzm in "base" . If you don't like it, go back to trinity. Hide 005-tdeapps.xzm in optional too and reboot in AF mode as root:

Yo can setup your desktop and panel preferences and lock them. To get them the next time you boot, pick up the folder ...../live/memory/changes/root/.kde/share/config and copy it to /rootcopy/root/.kde/share.

To set it for the guest account just substitute root with home/guest and do as before.

When you have it working, you can download 005-kdeapps.xzm and put it in "base":

Reboot and you are done. This is KDE-4.8.2.

Experience freedom! :Bravo:

EDIT: Some dependencies were missing from 005-kdeapps.xzm, so I had to substitute the old link. If you downloaded before 14:20 UTC from April 21, 2012, please get the new version. I apologize.

EDIT2: Now it is Juk that won't start. For that issue add this patch to "modules":
Now you can play your music as before... :D

EDIT3: A DE without games is incomplete, so I added a bunch of CardGames to 005-kdeapps.xzm and included the patch for Juk. You can download the last version from
Download it and substitute the "old" one (about 15 MB) with this (about 29 MB) 8)

EDIT4: The latest version of Porteus (1.2-rc2) has a new disk-burning program with blue-ray option and without HAL; HAL will be maintained no more and has already been dropped in the 64-bit edition. In other words, we can also eliminate the old good k3b from the 32-bit edition now. I dropped k3b from 005-kdeapps.xzm and made a new 005-kdeapps4.xzm that can be downloaded from

It is now 21 MB instead of 29MB.


EDIT5: Here is the perfect match to these KDE4-modules: 002-xorg4.xzm with Network Manager in, and wicd out! :good:
Now you can use your android phone as wi-fi hotspot (Barnacle wi-fi tether), connect via VPN, DSL or wired. It should be IPv6-ready, too (not tested!)
Just substitute your 1.2-rc2 version and reboot. The first connection you must edit; then save /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/Whatever.txt to /rootcopy/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/Whatever.txt; the next ime you start the machine you will be up and connected automatically....BTW, I also took HAL out; it is deprecated and not maintained and should soon disappear??

Cheers! 8)

Re: 004-kde4.xzm for Porteus 32-bits (The Bleeding Edge)

Posted: 22 Apr 2012, 01:38
by brokenman
Grabbing them now. Thanks for your work.

Re: 004-kde4.xzm for Porteus 32-bits (The Bleeding Edge)

Posted: 23 Apr 2012, 21:09
by wread
You are welcome, Jay! :D

Edit: here my desktop1 (black):

and my desktop2 (stripes):

In the panel left side is the icon of PPM!

Re: 004-kde4.xzm for Porteus 32-bits (The Bleeding Edge)

Posted: 24 Apr 2012, 14:01
by brokenman
Excellent work.

I didn't see your last post and just grabbed the 004 and 005 modules. Everything booted nicely and i arrived at the black desktop (which i liked because i could customize things to my liking). I also installed networkmanager in place of wicd which works out of the box in your version. (Won't work in Trinity).

A few things i would change.

Replace konqueror icon with firefox on panel.
Put a konsole button on panel.
Put the common places icons on desktop.

Apart from these i really love it ... and will write something in 32bit for users to download and replace Trinity with KDE4 if they choose to. Great work !!!

Re: 004-kde4.xzm for Porteus 32-bits (The Bleeding Edge)

Posted: 27 Apr 2012, 02:51
by UrUtusUbU
wread wrote:You are welcome, Jay! :D

Edit: here my desktop1 (black):

and my desktop2 (stripes):

In the panel left side is the icon of PPM!
i probe this module and seems that it works well, it probe not too much but i not have problems, i like more tde xD

in tablet or notebook mode, (like your second capture), dont work some icons of porteus, like create xzm and like this.


Re: 004-kde4.xzm for Porteus 32-bits (The Bleeding Edge)

Posted: 28 Apr 2012, 03:00
by wread
@all interested in KDE4 - 32 bits:

Here is how to configure the desktop in KDE4; it is a little bit different than with other DEs:

1) to select a background wallpaper you must click right on the desktop and choose a wallpaper. To keep Porteus kde4 moderate in size, there are only 2 default themes: "Black" and "Stripes", you can get others from the IN to fit your liking, You can use the bottom-right button "get more.." for that purpose.

2) if you would like to drag and drop files to the desktop, then you must have a "Folder Widget": click the drop-formed icon on top right of the screen and choose "add widgets". There will appear a row of available items. Select it.

3) to set the panel buttons: if you don't want a button, right click on it to display a drop down menu and delete it. If you want to add a widget to the panel, unlock it (drop menu), choose it, and lock it again.

4) if you want to put a launch button in the panel, open the desired program "Start>Application>(Name)" the regular way and minimize it to the panel; then right-click the so created panel bar to convert it to a button.

To save your settings put the folder "/mnt/live/memory/changes/root/.kde/share/config" in rootcopy/root/.kde/share/config. I am posting a module Desktops.xzm and submit it to brokenman for approval.


EDIT: The module with the initial desktops, for "root" and for "guest" can be downloaded form mediafire:

You can put 009-desktops.xzm in "base" and reboot. To further customize your dektop, you can use the method from last paragraph of original post.

Regards! :good: