interlink V52.9.7388 GTK3 (email and news client, slim Mozilla Thunderbird fork)

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interlink V52.9.7388 GTK3 (email and news client, slim Mozilla Thunderbird fork)

Post#1 by Rava » 28 Mar 2020, 20:36

interlink V52.9.7388 GTK3 (email and news client, slim Mozilla Thunderbird fork)
Initial post about older version with lots of info on interlink here: Interlink gtk2 (email and news client, slim Mozilla Thunderbird fork)

Can good coding be seen in a universal way?

Sometimes, it can.
For quite some time now I use interlink, the email reader fork of Mozilla Thunderbird.
When creating the newest version module (again with the deactivated add-ons that I not use put into an external module) I compared the resulting files with the older version.

Et voilà what do I see?

The newer version main module is smaller than the older version! What a neat thing, I know the programmers goal is to improve the code, but seldom one can clearly see the result of good coding by a smaller resulting module for the most recent version.

Here are the sizes:

Code: Select all

$ $ type l
l is aliased to `/bin/ls -oa --color=auto --time-style=long-iso'
$ l 007-interlink-52.9.73*|cut -c 19-
     211 2020-02-28 22:25 007-interlink-52.9.7354.linux-x86_64_GTK3_rava.md5sum
 1433600 2020-02-28 22:18 007-interlink-52.9.7354.linux-x86_64_GTK3_rava_REMOVED-EXTENSIONS-ONLY.xzm
41504768 2020-02-28 22:23 007-interlink-52.9.7354.linux-x86_64_GTK3_rava_ln-interlink-bin.xzm
     211 2020-03-28 16:54 007-interlink-52.9.7388.linux-x86_64_GTK3_rava.md5sum
 1433600 2020-03-28 16:53 007-interlink-52.9.7388.linux-x86_64_GTK3_rava_REMOVED-EXTENSIONS-ONLY.xzm
40636416 2020-03-28 16:51 007-interlink-52.9.7388.linux-x86_64_GTK3_rava_ln-interlink-bin.xzm
As always, if someone is interested in the most recent Interlink x86-64 GTK3 module do reply here and I will upload it.

And yes, it is a total coincidence that the date of the older version is exactly one month older than the most recent one. I downloaded the tar.xz and made the module today since today interlink gave me the info about the new version.

Stay safe, wash your hands, practice social distancing during any flu season, not only during the current Corona weirdness.
Yours Rava

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