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tigervnc howto

Posted: 12 Nov 2011, 17:52
by lachman
kde4 and tightvnc don't jive well. actually, it sucks.

Get the google pam lib:
(slackyd -u)
slackyd -g pam

txz2xzm the latest tiger:

Make the symbolic link:


Re: tigervnc howto

Posted: 12 Nov 2011, 18:41
by Hamza

You can write pBuild with all needed actions.
So, when the user want this software, he just needs to download and execute your pBuild instead of make all the needed operations.
Go to pBuild Scripts forum to have a preview of pBuild scripts.

In this category, you must have to post one or some module(s) "ready to use".
So, if the user want to use it, he just need to download and activate.


Re: tigervnc howto

Posted: 13 Nov 2011, 16:32
by lachman
Link to xzm packages as described above: ... th3m4hy7t8

Dont forget the symbolic link:
ln -s /opt/google/chrome/ /usr/lib64/