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Viewing DWG-files on Porteus

Posted: 22 Sep 2017, 14:18
by wread
Engineers and Architects work nowadays with CAD drawings.

The standard defacto application is AutoCAD from Autodesk. They developed the file format dwg to store vector images in digital format, and copyrighted that format. Autodesk developed it for the Windows platform.

MacIntosh developed also a CAD application for the MAC platform, Vectorworks, so succsessful that most architects switched to it (MAC platform was more powerful, unix-based, etc.).

Autodesk reacted and developed an AutoCAD for MAC, so they would retain the architects that had not yet switched to Vectorworks. Besides they gave Vectorworks permission to read DWG files, so they would not loose the defacto condition of their dwg format.

Another group, the Open Design Alliance, has reverse-engineered -mostly old- dwg formats and does business with them, allowed by the original authors (copyrights are due?). At any rate these dwg formats should not become freeware! :evil:

So there is not a reasonable chance to view an dwg-file in Linux! Only because linux is free!!!! :angel:

But -and there comes it- there is wine :D With its help you can use many windows programs. The wine developers are working hard reverse-engineering the windows api's.

But also MS makes new windows versions faster than the wine people reverse-engineer them, and the older windows version stay still unfinished...Some programmers have gotten some old versions of Autocad to run under wine partially and with no value for actual production.

I have found -however- a less complex commercial application that runs well under wine and you can use a free trial version of it: ... P-1wre.xzm.
I made this module for the 64-bits Porteus versions. You can use it for 45 days for free! After that you should buy a license :(

It runs under wine very well. If you need to view CAD files in dwg format you have found your solution!