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Re: Qt 5.9.1 framework (modular) + Qt Creator 4.3.1

Posted: 18 Jul 2017, 22:03
by fulalas
Thanks, man! Although this is not critical, let's hope they fix it soon. Console warnings are annoying :P

Qt 5.9.1 framework (modular) + Qt Creator 4.3.1

Posted: 03 May 2019, 06:56
by rych
@jssouza, Thank you for these Qt packages that has enabled my work for all this time. I wonder whether you could easily upgrade it to the next version. The reason for me is that I'd like to upgrade some of my apps which begin to rely on the newer Qt, for example, the next version of qpdfview, `qpdfview-0.4.18-alt1.beta1.x86_64.xzm` complains:

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qpdfview: /usr/lib64/ version `Qt_5.11' not found (required by qpdfview) 
This is by no means urgent, and I'm happy to stay with the current framework Qt5.9. I'm just registering my interest here.

Qt 5.9.1 framework (modular) + Qt Creator 4.3.1

Posted: 04 May 2019, 01:50
by jssouza
Hi rych, I have created Qt 5.12 packages that are used in our Porteus 5 development.
These were built on a much later Slackware current snapshot than that of Qt 5.9.1, so may or may not work for you in your Porteus 4 environment (newer icu, glibc etc).
But no harm in giving them a try: ... ar.xz/file
These are not in xzm format but rather Slackware packages. Should be easy to convert them to xzm modules. Let me know if they work.

Qt 5.9.1 framework (modular) + Qt Creator 4.3.1

Posted: 04 May 2019, 05:50
by rych
Thank you, jssouza: I was unsuccessful in trying to convert the packages to the modules, complaining that some files were missing. I don't think it's worth instigating in light of the upcoming Porteus 5 that will have it natively. I'm likely to stay on OpenBox even in Porteus 5, so I'd be needing a separate Qt 5.12 framework module to put on top. I'll try or ask you again then.