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"Installing" VirtualBox

Posted: 31 Mar 2015, 14:31
by Leudassdf

I would like to install Virtualbox in Porteus X64. However I am not familiar with this system by'd like to ask for your help.
I know that the modules are porteus .xzm however I would like to see how I can go to the official site of VirtualBox and remove / Create a .xzm file.

I use the system in ram so any module that adds is void when I unplug the machine. Is there a way to make this effective module? How can I do this?

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Re: "Installing" VirtualBox

Posted: 31 Mar 2015, 15:54
by cttan
Hi Leudassdf,

Welcome to Porteus.

Refer to this thread:- ... box#p26615

Put the completed virtualbox module in porteus/modules