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Posted: 08 Jun 2014, 04:44
by ncmprhnsbl
Small graphics application, sort of half way between gimp and sai, with nice painting features and pressure settings for pen tablets.
Configurable and toolkit independent interface.
all dependecies met in porteus 4.XX and 3.XX, built using a SlackBuild script.


Download: azpainter-2.1.3-x86_64-1_ncm.xzm 492Kb
md5sum: d177fd87315cc77f437c37e3a97f6f7d

Re: AzPainter-1.0.5-1

Posted: 07 Apr 2015, 02:25
by ncmprhnsbl
version bump 1.0.2 >>1.0.5-1
removed porteus-apps link for now

Re: AzPainter-1.0.5-1

Posted: 02 Sep 2015, 13:17
by Seva
Works fine on my 64 bit Porteus XFCE, no dependencies, great program.

Re: AzPainter-1.0.5-1

Posted: 23 Sep 2015, 22:27
by Rava
My first impression: quick, slim, sure, old style GUI, but okay GUI. :good:

Some issue I do have. :Rose:

The tooltip (mouse over icon popup info) on the three icons to the right of [Output by format] and left of [Zoom] are missing, all the popup info that is displayed for all these icons is just "-". (I presume there is the very info missing in its tooltip setup file)

The select tool works like a paint tool. It is the source of possible artistic use, but in my book, the default shape for the select tool should not be the 1st option (the paint tool) but the 2nd (the rectangle)
Is it possible to setup AzPainter so that by default, the tool for select is always the rectangle?

Is it possible to tell AzPainter to have the tools, options, layers etc windows all rolled up like I had them rolled up prior of closing AzPainter? Every time I start it anew all these windows are rolled down and obstruct part of the main area that is needed for displaying the image. I looked into its settings but either missed that option to remember the state of the windows ... or maybe the used X GUI toolbox not has this ability?

The "Open File" window. That one is extremely slow in opening a folder that seems to contain more than 10 files or folders... even when the contents should have been in the OS buffers/cache due to the same folder already being opened in Thunar. Again, after trying that on the same folder for several times, it seems to be the GUI of AzPainter's fault, since the OS buffers/cache should already have all the info on a previously opened / viewed folder.

When saving a loaded and changed file (in contrast to a new created file) with "save as", all other programs use the path / folder of the loaded original image as the starting folder for the "save as", while AzP chooses the home folder. :(
I also tried finding a setup to change that behaviour but again to no prevail...

In the "save as" window, I cannot use the mouse to copy or paste text from the clipboard to be the new file name or parts of the file name. (using e.g. Ctrl+C for copy works, just not the using mouse right click context menu)

Re: AzPainter-1.0.5-1

Posted: 17 Apr 2016, 06:08
by Rava
I tried it again and found another weird behaviour.

The open file dialogue has the filename - size - date areas. One could make these smaller or wider. But oner could not click any of these to sort for filenames - upside down or for newest/oldest files or smallest/largest file like one could with any other file manager.
That's due to the GUI kit that is used, me thinks. Sadly that my above post got no reply, seems there is no one around who likes that program?

Still, what bugs me most that every time you open it the open-file folder got reset. And that it won't remember where you positioned the 5 or 6 properties windows, also that most icon help text is not working...

Seems more like a beta or rc version release than a bug free one... Still, somehow promising: Small, quick, with lots of effects, but like I said here and above: quite some issued need to be solved as well. Dunno if there are newer versions, the one mentioned above is from 2014.

Re: AzPainter-1.0.5-1

Posted: 19 Apr 2016, 03:55
by Rava
And yet another bug:

When you have a file handling window open, e.g. [open] or [save as], and while its open you change the folder's content, e.g. by copying or linking azpaiter supported images into the very same folder, these images won't show in the open file handling window.
You have to [cancel] that window and reopen it, e.g. by pressing ^o or ^w for the new files to show up.


Posted: 22 Dec 2017, 06:30
by ncmprhnsbl
version bump > 2.1.1 (2017/09/18)
here's the changelog from the source (back to 2.0.0b6 at least) (translated from japanese by google if it reads funny)

Code: Select all

2017-09-18: ver 2.1.1

* Added "HLS adjustment" to filter.
* Added HLS bar to color panel.
Change type selection from tab to icon button.
* Scroll with the vertical wheel operation on the color palette list.
* Fixed that setting of middle button was not saved in canvas view / image viewer operation setting.

* Some window managers have fixed that they may be off the previous window position at startup.
* When the environment variable MLIB_APPDATADIR exists at the time of execution, the directory is made to be the data directory of the application.

2017-08-26: ver 2.1.0

* Added items to main menu.
- Layers> "Close all folders"
- "Selection area"> "PNG output image in range"

* Panel
- I made it possible to use up to 3 panes.
- Added "Color Wheel" panel.
- Change panel layout setting.

[Each panel]
* Color
- Change the maximum value of SV bar of HSV MAP from 100 to 255.
* Color palette
- Added "Horizontal maximum display number" to the palette display setting.
If the horizontal number is larger than the specified number, limit it to that value.
- Changed palette edit dialog.
* Brush list
- Added "New Brush - Duplicate" item to the group menu.
You can duplicate the current brush value to create a new brush.
- When brush is selected, if current tool is not brush,
It changed to brush tool.
- We used font for panel to draw brush name.
* Image viewer
- Added "Horizontal Flip Display" item.
- Add icon button: Full view, Horizontal inversion
* Canvas view and image viewer
- Added a middle button to the operation setting.

* When opening a recently opened file, if the file does not exist,
I deleted it from history after issuing a message.
* When menu of layer texture selection, change the item name of "image selection" to "texture image selection".
Also change the title of the image selection dialog.
* When displaying the filter dialog of type to preview on the canvas,
We restored the previous window position.
(Fixed in the center display, etc. for previews in the dialog)
* Delete "Set" button with shortcut key setting.
The key was set at the time other than the decoration key was pressed.
* The message is displayed when the px size exceeds the limit in the new creation dialog.
* Environmental setting
- Change button operation setting method.
- Change method of selecting theme.
- Other, various arrangements.
* Font of status bar,
I used a default font instead of a panel font.
* Change the color of some UI.

* In some panels, when finished in a folded state,
Fixed that the height of the panel was not in the correct state at the next startup.
* Fixed that concentration was not applied when brush's "fill" was added.
* Fixed that the selection range might be set outside the canvas range when inverting the selection range.
(At the time of reversing, the part outside the canvas range is cleared, so that it is reversed only within the canvas range)

* It corresponds to JPEG reading of CMYK color.
* File dialog
- Hidden files can be displayed / hidden.
- Recorded window size, sort state, etc.
* Spinning is added to the edit of the numerical value input dialog.
* Added two system colors (iconbtt_face_select, iconbtt_frame_select)

2017-06-03: ver 2.0.6

* Added "UI" item to the environment setting.
- Allowed to change GUI theme (color).
Along with that, we changed the color used for some widgets.
- Icon size can be changed. Also, I redraw the icon.
- Customized toolbar buttons.
* In Japanese, change the name of "Palette" to "Panel".
* In the panel arrangement setting, move button is changed from text to arrow icon.

* The title of mDockHeader is rendered in font.
* Fixed to fall when scrolling horizontally on the list view with ver 2.0.5.

2017-05-20: ver 2.0.5

* Add filter
"Alpha manipulation (current)> all opaque except transparent"

* Fix to drop when PSD is saved, when not compressed.

* I made it to divide the drawing process between when the hardness of the brush is 100 and when it is 0 - 99.
(In the case of 100, the edges were always made to spread to the maximum)
* When rectangle editing, the position judgment when placing the cursor on the frame improved slightly inside the frame.
In addition, the judgment range at the time of canvas reduction display was slightly increased.
* Rectangle edit transformation dialog
- When changing the display magnification, scaling is performed with reference to the center position of the current screen.
- Due to the above changes, I lost the scroll bar.
- + Shift Change the function of dragging from maintaining aspect ratio to canvas scaling.
- Can be scrolled canvas with medium button drag.
* Added cursor when canvas zoom in / out by up / down drag.

* Add translated file: zh_CN (Simplified Chinese)

* Changed implementation of file dialog.
* In the file dialog, the symbolic link of the directory
Fixed that it was not recognized as a directory.

2017-03-11: ver 2.0.4

* Fixed that characters may not be replaced correctly depending on font when writing text vertically.

2017-03-05: ver 2.0.3

* I added the "file history" icon to the toolbar.
* Added "Delete History" item to "Recent Files" menu.

* When reading images of APD / ADW, reading work files such as undo,
Fixed that it sometimes can not be read correctly.

* Structure of layer group is maintained when loading PSD.
Also, when there is a layer mask, it is applied to alpha value.
Also, if Unicode layer name data is included, it is read.
* Included Unicode layer name data when saving PSD.
* In the image viewer palette, when the whole display is ON, the display magnification icon is disabled.
* Change the position of "Canvas key setting" on the menu to "Shortcut key setting".
* When "brush pressure" of the brush item, when type is curve, numeric value and spin button are displayed.
Also, you can reset the value by right click or Ctrl + left click.
* The original image was displayed when preview was turned off with filter.
* In the GUI processing of X11, I used pipe instead of eventfd.

* Added APD MIME type definition file and icon to package.
* .apd file and AzPainter are related.
* Add translation file: ro (Russian), uk (Ukrainian)

2017-02-19: ver 2.0.2
* Added "DPI at startup" to the environment setting.
* At the "Alpha value only (1 bit)" layer, if the original alpha value is more than half of the maximum for drawing etc.
Changed to have colors if the alpha value is 1 or more.
* Change the behavior when changing the height of each pallet when storing the main window.
* When the roughness of the brush is 80 or more, it made to strengthen the roughness.
* The alpha mask and color mask etc are not applied when moving / copying the image of the selected range.
* When doing undo / redo, always update the preview of the layer.
* Fixed that the behavior when adding size was wrong in brush size list.

2017-02-07: ver 2.0.1
* Azpainter.svg fixed that it was not able to read because '>' was forgotten to close.

2017-02-04: ver 2.0.0
* Official version

2017-01-23: ver 2.0.0 b 8

* When selecting a grabbed layer, if the selected layer is hidden in the closed folder,
The parent folder is expanded.
Also, it scrolls so that the selected layer comes to a position visible on the list.
* Fixed that 45 degree unit by + Shift was not applied at the time of actual drawing when drawing brush in straight line.
* Added translation data of Portuguese (pt_BR).

2017-01-22: ver 2.0.0 b 7

* Add item "Select grabbed layer" to canvas key setting.
* To the menu when right-clicking the folder on the layer list,
Added an item "Create new layer above this folder" and "Move check layer to this folder".
* Change the type selection of "ruler" in option palette to selection with icon image.
* Changed the icon part of the canvas view palette.
* Fixed that the update status of the edited file was changed to "no change" when copying was saved.

2017-01-14: ver 2.0.0 b 6

* When deforming "rectangle editing", 1% unit when the display magnification is 100% or less, 50% unit when it is 100% or more.
Fixed that the display magnification slider was always 100% position when displaying the dialog.
* The color judgment of the color mask and the alpha mask of the layer was judged by the color before the stroke drawing.
(Since it was judged from the color of the drawing destination before, when the color of the target part changes during stroke drawing, it becomes out of the drawing object,
It was a funny drawing result when drawing brush with antialiasing)
* When drawing brush free lines, we only use information on the device used when pressing the button.
(While dragging with the pen tab, even if you move the mouse it does not apply to drawing, and vice versa.
Probably, this is occasionally becoming a duma while drawing pentabs


Posted: 30 Apr 2018, 03:01
by ncmprhnsbl
version bump to 2.1.2


Posted: 13 Oct 2018, 04:34
by ncmprhnsbl
version bump to 2.1.3


Code: Select all

2018-10-06: ver 2.1.3

* Add "minimize" to main menu
* "Transparent (A = 0)" is added to the item of "judgment" of the option of the fill / automatic selection tool.
(In case of alpha value judgment, clicking the opaque part fills in the connected range,
For always wanting to paint only transparent parts)

[Text Tool]
* We made it possible to specify the size value up to the first decimal place.
* Added "Vague point synthesis" item.
Whether to combine the characters "(" U "309 B) and"  ゚ "(U + 309 C) with the previous characters in the composition character.
Replace with "synthetic character" = U + 3099 / U + 309 A For vertical writing, draw with vertical layout.
"Substitution + horizontal writing" = effective when writing vertically. Synthesized letters are replaced with horizontal letters.
Which to use depends on the font. )
* Added check of "Use monitor DPI".
(Up to now, DPI value obtained from fontconfig was used, so it was the monitor DPI value.
When the size is in pt unit, DPI value of work canvas is used by default)
In case
* Add translation file (be, es_ES)
* Changed license of file of mlib to GPL3.