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Xfce Theme Manager 0.3.5

Posted: 03 Apr 2014, 10:36
by freestyler

Xfce uses multiple settings GUIs for setting the window border, controls, icons, mouse cursor theme and so on and it doesn't include any thumbnails. However, if you customize your Xfce desktop frequently, you can use a tool called Xfce Theme Manager which allows you to change the themes from a single GUI and it also includes thumbnails so you can see how the theme looks like before applying it.

Xfce Theme Manager allows settings the following:
complete Xfce theme (window border, controls)
window borders only
controls only
icon theme
cursor theme
change the wallpaper

NOTE: It may be possible to run this on 32bit as well, I have not tested, let me know if it does.

Architecture: 64 bit
Distribution: Porteus 3.0
Category: Desktop
Download: Xfce-Theme-Manager-0.3.5.xzm