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obtaining a browser for porteus

Posted: 21 Feb 2021, 11:46
by carlos68
Hello. I am brand new to porteus. It tells me to chose a browser and offers 6 different ones. I chose firefox. It opens a terminal that makes it so it has downloaded to a location. then tells me I must move that firefox location to a module and reboot, but reboot will not have the firefox until I move to a module. One what is a module, two how and where do I get that module, three I tried to copy and paste it since it has some details and i dont trust myself to get it exact. It does not allow a copy by right click and highlight like other copy and paste. And going to desktop or creating a new file folder does not seem to work either. Any suggestions. Kind of useless if i cannot use any internet with this operrating system. On linux mint it appears the browser is put into that system here you seem to need to install it or activate it. Still cannot figure it out even after looking at youtube turtorials that are confusing. Help.

obtaining a browser for porteus

Posted: 21 Feb 2021, 17:03
by raja
Location is /tmp folder. Open terminal. Change directory to /tmp. give 'su' command and enter password 'toor'. prompt will change to red 'root'.

command... cp firefox*.xzm to /mnt/sdxx/porteus/modules. (xx is your device id where you have porteus folder.

Go to modules folder in file browser, right click and 'activate'..asks for password?...enter 'toor'.

Go to application menu, internet and choose firefox. :)

Porteus works differently to regular installed OS. applications/os files are packed as squashfs modules with extension 'xzm' .