Hysteria: COVID-19 for everybody.

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Hysteria: COVID-19 for everybody.

Post#91 by francois » 04 Aug 2021, 11:34

Let me tell you that here in Québed we are doing fine with trying to immunize the hole population with two vaccines. But also we are still washing our hands an wearing the masks and keeping a 1 m distance. The exception is outdoor. The numbers are really good in the hospitals.

Please everyone, stop with these pharmaceutical industry plots, these Donald Trump and Bolsonaro heresies. And stop taking your info excusively on facebook and and laypersons forums. Science exist,and is critical about itself. Please look at the numbers.

I do not deny the problem with capitalism, the pharmaceutical industry. Pfizer is a good example. This is a german industry, they sell their vaccine to Canada, and do not produce enough for the german population.
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Hysteria: COVID-19 for everybody.

Post#92 by Rava » 24 Sep 2021, 22:35

Hi folks,

just curious how you are doing in the global Covid scenario. Have restrictions lifted enough so that life is more relaxing, or do you still have many issues?

In Germany on the one hand they still claim vaccination is up to the individual, while they plan to put more and more restrictions an anyone who dare to not vaccinate. 1984 doublespeak much?

The evening at the end of 2020 when it was the last day we have been allowed go go outside at night as we please, I started to get a slight depression.
When I spoke to an acquaintance who works in social aid, he told me not to worry about, that such a reaction is quite normal and being down when the whole German state (as in province: Only in Bavaria first, they always start with stricter laws in my Bundesland. Still in the countryside most folks are nice, and nature is even better) have been put into "open prison" conditions is understandable.
The "open prison" comparison is one I use, he did not phrase it so.

A friend told me about an relative or acquaintance of him who is quite wary of vaccination, and told his doctor that he wants to have a antibody test first. And what did happen? He indeed has antibodies towards CoVid19, even when he himself never encountered any symptoms. =@
Yours Rava

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