About software distribution in Linux, executables/portables

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About software distribution in Linux, executables/portables

Post#1 by csanchez » 05 Sep 2019, 18:51

I have from some time a doubt, in Windows we can have software in an "portable" way, as the "portable apps" etc, this just make some modification in the programs or makes an "launcher" wich track all system/registry changes and keep in some user folder, with this we can keep the system more "clean".
by other side we have can the common "executable", wthout installers, a very common way to distribute software in windows, just we have the program with all your "dependencies" in one folder, and are "distributed" as zip, rar, etc, even full games.
Indeed almost software which I use in windows is just "extracted" in any folder and no "installed".
Some installer even have a option to "install" or "extract", and any case the software works anyway.

In linux I notice we can share software "zipped" without need of any install, however is not common this way as in Windows, in Linux you feel as if a install is mandary the 90% of times at least.
Why that?

Why Linux have this problem and no distribute the programs in simple "extract and use", In fact as we know, it's something they're facing now with flatpak, snap, etc.. But indeed is possible distribute software without install anything, without touch the terminal, "as in windows", but again, I don't understand why this is not normal in Linux :|

some programs that I have been able to use in linux without any installation are:
Telegram, Lazpaint, ZinjaI, but as I say, this is not an common way to distribuite the software in linux... :(

Now the new "easy" way is use flatpak, snap, etc, etc, etc
New solutions for an problem which is easy of fix?

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About software distribution in Linux, executables/portables

Post#2 by Ed_P » 05 Sep 2019, 22:25

Don't overlook the fact that the portable software for Windows that you refer to is the effort of John T. Haller and a few helpers and has been around for over a decade yet isn't wide spread by others. Basically not many are interested in doing it, for Windows or Linux. Even Porteus's USM is dying.

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