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Other small os: pureos 4.0 gnome as an example

Posted: 06 Nov 2011, 23:05
by francois
I had always thought that it is a really good thing to look at what the others are doing, so to have an idea of what I am doing. This thread is about other small os. Comparison, and even better, comparative studies of the other light systems, should give us some ideas. But before dwelving into comparisons lets look one by one at those small distributions that you find inspiring. I am in the following text introducing pureos, one of bicephales' favorites.

For one that has voted for a gtk and gnome environment, and one that was told that gnome would be too clumsy or heavy for a light distribution like porteus, I was really surprised to try pureos 4.0 that comes with a gnome desktop environment. This is a live cd, standing as a quite extended distribution. Amongst others, it offers the libreoffice suite. It looks good, and it responds sharply. But maybe the best thing for you is to have a try with a frugal install or on a usb. Here is the download site:

Here is my menu.lst entry:

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title PureOS 4.0 gnome, with Linux
root (hd0,6)
kernel /boot/vmlinuz vga=769 initrd=/boot/initrd.gz ramdisk_size=11264 root=/dev/ram0 rw locale=en_CA.UTF-8 keyb=us kbvar=ca changes=pureos_cfg

Re: Other small os: pureos 4.0 gnome as an example

Posted: 06 Nov 2011, 23:17
by fanthom
great thread francois!

2 questions:
a) do we consider 700MB distros as "small"?
b) which features are present in PureOS-4.0 which Porteus is lack of?


Re: Other small os: pureos 4.0 gnome as an example

Posted: 07 Nov 2011, 01:35
by francois
1) you are completely right, 700MB is not that small. Though it is still smaller than many big distros like ubuntu, fedora and the like. Usb keys 8gig nowadays could be bought for as few as 8$ canadian.
2) Porteus as much more to offer than pureos given its size, its compatibility and its speed. However, for a gnome environment, I thought that pureos is quite good looking and that it reacts quite fast. Given its more ambitious size you get standard a bigger office suite: libreoffice. Personally, koffice has always been insufficient for my needs.
and extra
3) Porteus seems more compatible out of the box with my wifi and my graphic cards. As my MSI X340 is concerned at least. And I am sure that my Pavilion 2713ca laptop with its nvidia graphic card and its bcmxx card, is for sure completely happy with Porteus. I do not think that I will test Pureos on this one tonite.
4) Discussing with brokenman about ppm possible compatibility with archlinux packages and packagebuild, on my own I wondered if some pureos debian modules could not be readily usable for porteus, as much as the salix os could be usable for porteus. However, I can not even imagine by which way I could by my own get all those .deb compatible with porteus.

Re: Other small os: pureos 4.0 gnome as an example

Posted: 07 Nov 2011, 14:38
by fanthom

dont get me wrong - i have nothing against PureOS (or any other distro). just would like to find out which features could be ported to Porteus (to make it the best one).


Re: Other small os: pureos 4.0 gnome as an example

Posted: 08 Nov 2011, 03:39
by francois
No fault. My opinion, is far from being one of a connoisseur, forgive me for the lack of nuances. I hope my answer was not disrespectful, with all you do for the community, you would not deserve it.

To come back on the subject of pureos, There is one small review (not much is said) cited on distrowatch:

There is harsh critique from some in the comments about review of this distribution for the absence of a hard disk installer on the desktop of this live os . The author author evaluated the distribution with the live CD, as he was not able to make a full install on hdd. He could not find the instructions to do so.

Salutations distinguees.