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"0050-multilib-current-x86_64.sxz" - Corrupted Module

Posted: 11 May 2019, 07:09
by JTD
Good day everyone.

I downloaded "0050-multilib-current-x86_64.sxz" 2 times from the following website:

Renamed the extension to "xzm" because Porteus recognizes .sxz files by simply renaming them, but this specific one keeps giving me "corrupted module" error, and "0060-wine-4.0-current-x86_64.sxz" from that same link works (doesn't throw a corrupted module error).

Back then I downloaded an old version of that multilib current (with a date before february, around 450MB, it was the "current" version at the time), from that same link and that one still works for me to this day (I'm glad I had it backed up otherwise I wouldn't be able to use Wine on Porteus properly).

I also tried other mirrors (like but same corrupted module issue with the multilib file.

Can someone download and test and see if it's just me or if something can be done about it?

Thank you in advance!