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OpenShot AppImage

Post#1 by raja » 05 Apr 2019, 17:59

Latest version of OpenShot-2.4.4 AppImage executed in Porteus-4.0, still, I had to add and Happy to see the GUI. Yet to check all the functions.

USM no use. Ponce/slonly modules won´t work. One has to keep adding Python3.6, Python-pygt5,python setuptools and so many other things to be done.

Same AppImage fails to load in Aporteus . Needs Fuse.

Nemisis is the best. Pman installs openshot-2.4.3 and it works straightaway. Edited two videos with PIP. Good.

Made a OBS module(huge size for Porteus-4.0, using USM. Works well. Made a karaoke solo. May be , we have to strip every downloaded module and pick only badly needed libraries/packages, to bring down the size.

Nemisis-pman made one, module size is only around 3 MB compared to more than 200 MB with USM.

There is a strong case for Porteus management to mainstream Artix based Porteus, after correcting few niggles.
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