Holiday fun! Visit Flattardia!

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Holiday fun! Visit Flattardia!

Post#1 by Rava » 30 Jan 2019, 20:08

Holiday fun! Visit Flattardia!

Lets start the fun with A Message from the President of Flattardia
The president of this great country introduces himself to the world.

Cave! This is satire. Also Cave²! You might want to lower your volume cause the sound is quite loud and shrill at times. Also, strong language use like f***ing and such!

But still, it gave me quite the ImageImage!
In my book, the best part is near the end when it comes to football (soccer) , or oranges. :ROFL:


When you have watched some flattard clips on youtube, you might heard of the idea that the flattards claim that Antarctica is not a continent, but a large round high ice wall that surrounds the flat earth so that the ocean water cannot drop of its edge. And that there is a military force that keeps away all people who try to enter Antarctica. Yes, flattards seriously believe all this.
So, watching this clip Return From Antarctica gave me the giggles when he said "The penguins did not shoot us down". :D
Yours Rava

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