Syslinux boot and configuration files.

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Syslinux boot and configuration files.

Post#1 by raja » 05 Dec 2017, 09:28

I was always wondering, why every Linux distribution author resorts to different directory structure and boot files. At least ,in this they can come to an understanding to "common" structure.

Since, Linux users experiment, a single USB disk with a 'common' syslinux boot information. could easily help load most distributions.

Porteus is still sticking to syslinux v 4.02, and few others have moved on to v6.03.

I installed v 6.03 boot information to a FAT32 USB disk, created 'isolinux' folder with 11 or 12 required files, copied vmlinuz and initrd, xz or img files and named them 1,2,3 etc for various distributions.

conf file was modified to relate to this numbering.

Nothing else in the USB disk.

All distributions , I test were copied to a HDD partition, even raw ISO files.

Slackware,Debian,Arch,ubuntu babies(derivatives) boot without any problem, on selection from the boot menu.

Food for thought or you all have already digested?

Linux Kernel-4.4.120-32 bit; Linux kernel-4.19.7-64 bit.

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