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Posted: 03 Nov 2017, 07:16
by apollo
Hi there,

to be clear at first: i don´t want to blame anyone, i wrote down just a few thougts that came to my mind when i came back to the porteus website a few weeks ago.

I originally stumbled across porteus maybe around 3.0 release time. As i came back to porteus website, i just felt the project has been abandonded and the site has been left alone. After clicking around, i found that the community is still active and gave it a try.

From my point of view porteus could need a bit more "marketing", atleast regarding the website.
Let me give you same examples what distracted me:
- the linked social network accounts for facebook, twitter and google+ have rarely seen activity in the last months or even years
- the download-button in the navbar and the "big download earth"-icon sends me to a page which states "discontinued" - i need another click for viewing the mirrors list which itself is a plain text file, means i have to manually copy & paste the links to my browsers adress bar. does not seem to be referenced on the whole site.
- screenshot section shows some rather outdated screens of old KDE3 DE and Porteus 2.0
- news section or similar completely missing, hence no obvious information an whats going on until you dig through the forums

If you´ve never heard about Porteus and it´s community, these rather small inconsistencies on the website might distract you from reading any further.

I think it would be helpful to have these small insufficiencies polished. Feel free to contact me if any help is needed.

kind regards
apollo website

Posted: 03 Nov 2017, 10:08
by burdi01
In the same vein: has not been updated since 2014 ...
:D website

Posted: 18 Nov 2017, 17:47
by brokenman
Thanks for the comments. Yes help is most certainly needed. Some time ago the social networks were left to users to take care of but they fell to the wayside. I personally don't have time to maintain the website so anybody looking to help out by creating a newer fresher web presence would most certainly be welcomed. website

Posted: 21 Nov 2017, 17:33
by apollo
I really like to help although i´m not sure i can do a complete new website - i´m more of a technician/administrator than a webdesigner/webdeveloper.
How should i come in touch with you to clear if and how i could be of any help? PM? website

Posted: 25 Nov 2017, 13:37
by brokenman
Yes PM is best. Thanks.