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Porteus stats report

Posted: 20 Jun 2011, 23:22
by brokenman
June 13th - June 19th 2011

Overall visits this week 2.262
USA holds the lead with 530 --- but most proxies use USA.

Windows visitors beat linux visitors by over 200% (c'mon we can convert them!!)
A few Android visitors
Some iPads and 1 iPhone (Ahau?)

Traffic from Sri Lanka is down 49%

Referals from other sites:
pendrivelinux (286)
Wikipedia (143) down 25%
Distrowatch (107) down a bit

Our download Distro page got 941 hits this week
FAQ page 486 ... Ahau must have been busy!

I will be away for a bit starting tomorrow. When i return (1 week) i will begin a marketing offensive for Porteus. Stay tuned for more stats.

Re: Porteus stats report

Posted: 20 Jun 2011, 23:52
by Ahau
Nope, iphone isn't me. I'm on a blackberry, but I use a third-party browser that probably displays as something else.

Were all of the FAQ hits unique? I probably hit the FAQ page 400 times all by myself last week, lol.

thanks for the update!

Re: Porteus stats report

Posted: 21 Jun 2011, 04:42
by 82issa
I am sorry the only reason we have so many windows connections. Is the fact that I am "time poor", so I cant pull out my little linux laptop. I just grab any computer that is on. Usually involves punching someone in the face to get them away from the computer but it is very effective.
They learn their lesson, "When you use a windows based computer you are most likely gona get punched in the face by a linux user." :x

Re: Porteus stats report

Posted: 28 Jun 2011, 15:16
by brokenman
June 20th - June 26th 2011

6000 absolute unique visitors this week !!

Over 60% of traffic comes from referrals this week. This reflects the final v1.0 release info on Distro watch and other websites. Please keep promoting Porteus in any way you can, and make a post in the 'Porteus on the net' thread as to what you did.

3135 from Distro watch
326 from Pendrive linux
152 from wikipedia (we need to nurture this)

This week the majority of users came to our site on a windows box (3,746). At least 1 windows user was punched in the face & 3 more crashed before they could get online.

Over 2000 views of the download page.
Over 200 views od the screenshots page. Please post if you have good screenshots of v1.0
Almost 200 views of the FAQ page. Good to see.

Average time on the Porteus site is around 3.5 minutes.

Re: Porteus stats report

Posted: 02 Jul 2011, 03:57
by francois
I was one of the Android users.

Re: Porteus stats report

Posted: 05 Jul 2011, 20:47
by MasterSplinter
brokenman wrote:June 13th - June 19th 2011

Some iPads and 1 iPhone (Ahau?)
Probably me @ the coffee shop. Does the IP trace route to Maine?

Re: Porteus stats report

Posted: 06 Jul 2011, 00:28
by brokenman
Don't have it setup to scrape IP's. This report is just for traffic stats.

Re: Porteus stats report

Posted: 12 Jul 2011, 14:00
by brokenman
1903 unique visitors (referral) 290 11.69% (referral) 122 4.92% 88 3.55%

/distro-download/download-latest-32-bit.html 775 7.86%
/distro-download.html 616 6.25%
/faq.html 571 5.79%
/component/content/article/67-download-it.html 557 5.65%

Windows 1,393
Linux 987
Macintosh 63
Android 5
iPod 3
iPhone 2
BlackBerry 1
Chrome OS
FreeBSD 1