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Warning Health Hazzard

Posted: 11 Jun 2011, 03:05
by 82issa
I heard Lary King on the radio the other morning.
Hey says that texting causes thumb cancer.
Thats right thumb cancer.

Re: Warning Health Hazzard

Posted: 11 Jun 2011, 20:08
by brokenman
Is that even a thing?

Listening to Larry King causes ear cancer, occasional nausea and difficulty passing urine.

Re: Warning Health Hazzard

Posted: 12 Jun 2011, 01:37
by Ahau
suspenders cause shoulder cancer.

Re: Warning Health Hazzard

Posted: 12 Jun 2011, 09:35
by 82issa
Linux is the cure for drafty windows.
Gummy bears will get you high, and skittles taste like leprechaun.

Re: Warning Health Hazzard

Posted: 12 Jun 2011, 18:02
by brokenman
Suspenders cause shoulder cancer
This may well be why the youth of today don't smoke cigarettes and wear their 'pants on the ground'.
I tried shutting the windows, but couldn't get it shut all the way. Tried the bear thing ... but they melt when i light them.
I think green Skittles ARE made from leprechaun testicles.

Re: Warning Health Hazzard

Posted: 13 Jun 2011, 00:42
by 82issa
brokenman wrote: This may well be why the youth of today don't smoke cigarettes and wear their 'pants on the ground'.
This is just "Preventive Medicine" what would be worse. The crotch/ass cancer which we know is caused from belts. Or ankle cancer from their belts being so low. They are just thinking with their heads. I think the crotch/ass cancer would be much worse. So wear your pants on the ground. We could learn from these visionaries.

Re: Warning Health Hazzard

Posted: 15 Jun 2011, 07:46
by bradmbrown
I would look a bit deeper.
Why is the television announcing 'associated with, is thought to and opinion pols find....." as things known?
...."War on terror, war on drugs, freedom, liberty, justice, democracy, chemical imbalance, allegedly."
Pft, Our beautiful English Language now co-opted by crafty newsmen and sales guys.

Over the shoulder of every little [deleted] like that King guy is a lawyer [a relative of his].

You did not hear King say the cause of the thumb cancer, instead, he used weasel words: "Associated with, polls say, experts stated, is alleged, sources indicate, statistics show a correlation...," etc.
Weasel words.

Re: Warning Health Hazzard

Posted: 15 Jun 2011, 09:57
by 82issa
Wow this stuff is very intense. I know tv is just a perversion of reality, I don't watch. I do listen to a lot of radio.

In the news on tv they always preaching doom and gloom, terrible people doing terrible things, I know I get this on radio too, but I normally tune it out.
I also think the greatest deception is these organized sports. Basket Ball, mind as well call it dancing with balls, and ass grabbing. What is so exciting about a 7 foot guy jumping 3 inches to stuff a ball into a basket. Football (aka US Pigskinball) If you fear for your health, and need to wear protective gear, you probably shouldn't be doing it. And if it is just aggression stop hiding behind the protective gear and go to town on your enemy ,quick and simple.

I found the link to what I heard on the radio. It was june 8th 2011 on these brad and britt goofballs usually crack me up on my drive to work.
The thumb cancer proof is at shortly after the 10 minute mark on this podcast. But be carefull listening you can catch ear cancer. ... RNZWBz.mp3
The proof is in the pudding.

Posted after 1 minute 14 seconds:
Thanks for jumping in bradmbrown

Re: Warning Health Hazzard

Posted: 15 Jun 2011, 13:34
by bradmbrown
Ah thanks. I have had some, uh, health problems. I have been bombarded with shamans [medical doctors]. Those guys never stop prescribing, as prescribing pills is a lot easier than diet advice and things like that.
I am very amazed and dismayed about the meth/coca/opiates/caffeine/asa pentagram. It seems to me that an awful lot of the so called medicine [a pill is NOT medicine, that is just another proof of the pre-empting of our beautiful English].... Oh, I lost my train of thought.....
A pill is not medicine. I don't care what the Websters American [co-opted] dictionary says is their definition, Orwell warned us about out language being changed under our noses, I cannot stand having to learn the definition of the year for certain words.
And the five I have listed are an enormous percentage of the drugs [not medicine, DRUGS] offered up as half-assed potions and powders to people who don't need anything like that.
ASA is a nitrogen fixer used so that the other four things can be cooked up in different ways and a new patent each time.
I think dope is used way to often to treat illnesses that do not indicate any benefit to the patient.
As I very very sick guy, I had to awaken in hospital not knowing how to read. I had had heart attack and stroke. As I was gathering my senses, I was seeing monsters walking by me. None of those medical types in the hospital gave a damn about that. After I began reading, I discovered the shocking amounts of dope they were sticking into me, I did not need dope, I needed time to rest, and let my body heal itself. There is no way in hell or heaven that opiates are heart medicine. Nor coca based dope etc.
I was threatened once that I would be put in The White Room if I kept resisting. My family hired a lawyer and put a stop to that.
I believe medicine is held up on a pedestal and that it would do nothing but good for humanity if those elite guessing game playing witch doctors were held back by the reigns.
There is TOO much pharma and not enough Good Old Medicine practiced by lazy, money grubbing [nasty religious slur] medical doctors. Those guys recite Bullshit and they never question that bullshit they are taught and they are followed everywhere by dope salesmen.

I didn't give a listen to that Larry King thing, I too gave up on tv [20+ years ago]. I do not want to tolerate any minutes of that one you pointed me too. Others can take the time to do that. I have a belly full of medical doubletalk.

The Hippocratic oath, in it's first paragraph states,
Above all, do no harm
Hippocrates wasn't talking about masking symptoms, he was talking about potions and powders and The Knife.
Medical doctors these days seldom give advice about diet and exercise and instead, prescribe dope. And, as I pointed out above, it seems to be those same five again and again.
Read and you will find that witch doctors have their hands in the pockets of witches and always have.

Jesus said that a witch is not to be allowed to live.
Yep, he did.
He wasn't talking about crazy women, he was talking about potion mixers.

Next time I post in the forum here, be assured, it won't [probably] be a rant. I like other things too. Haha.

Re: Warning Health Hazzard

Posted: 15 Jun 2011, 23:01
by 82issa
WOW... Um I originally intended for this topic to be a joke. Now it seems that it has taken a serious turn. I have a problem that are caused by my eating habbits. Not once was I ever treated for how much I eat, I am not morbidly obese nor have I ever been. My body actually handles hdl,ldl,and triglycerides very differently than most people. I have spent plenty of time in the hospital with doctors/ witch doctors throwing pain killers at me. I have lost my splean due to these problems, and suffer a bout of pancreatitis every 1 to 2 years for the last 10 years. It is very painful now I have come across a program that helps me so much more than the doctors have ever. Nutrition, is definatley the key to almost all health problems. I understand that nutrition will not prevent stupidity, aka breaking neck while jumping a skateboard across a gorge. In some ways humans are their own worst enemies. They would rather take a pill than take the time needed to properly nurish their bodies.

Re: Warning Health Hazzard

Posted: 16 Jun 2011, 03:10
by brokenman
We are creatures of habit, of comfort and of laziness.

The eastern culture practices preventative medicine, with a touch of placeboism (i just invented that word). Regular excercise and a healthy diet. That was my regime for over 20 years and i never had a health problem. After blowing out a disc (martial arts) i had an operation (no other choice) and for the last 8 years have done absolutely no excercise. My body has started reminding me that it needs movement daily and a good diet. The last 6 months i have been getting back into shape which is not easy when you have a linux addiction. Starting to feel much better.

In general i think humans overeat, over produce, over indulge, over consume, over populate and generally wreak havoc on this rock. We are a virus on the skin of mother earth, and now she is starting to shake her back like a big black dog trying to rid herself of the itch.

I hope those of you that have suffered, learn from it, teach others, and find a way to recovery. Those of you that are suffering, i hope you find a way out and then refer to last point. Those have never suffered .... havn't lived a full life yet.

Re: Warning Health Hazzard

Posted: 16 Jun 2011, 04:17
by roadie
Pretty deep shit.


You're right about medicine, doctors are just glorified quacks, not their fault, it's the way they're taught. I honestly think most doctors really want to help. Drug companies rule the world of health and they will for a very long time. Found that out the hard way when my wife developed cancer. Only reason she lasted as long as she did was her own indomitable spirit and my taking her away from them. She proved them wrong on many occasions. She was a beautiful person.

I don't watch tv, nor listen to radio.......I grab music from the net and work when I have to and play with Linux......that's my world.


You should really look into can be a major help in things such as you're suffering from. And yeah, diet is everything.........get rid of meat, all processed shit. I spent the last year with a beautiful girl who practices all that shit and it truly is amazing what you can do yourself. She's currently treating her own breast choice, the doctors WILL kill her.........and the tumor is shrinking with her diet and treatment.........actually lost her today too..........time for her to move on, we both knew it.........such is life.


That's quite an attitude on the world.........all true, of course, just don't hear it very often. I agree completely. What would we do without Linux? And you're also right in that those who haven't suffered, haven't lived............but Holy shit man, we have to live THAT much? :)

Peace guys,


Re: Warning Health Hazzard

Posted: 07 Oct 2011, 19:18
by Davidpeterson
For a long time sitting in a major health hazard. This is a new warning from health experts say, sitting for a long time (even if you exercise regularly) is a health threat. Whether sitting place - in the car on the desk, the computer or TV, it is the total number of hours problems