How to spot a SPAMmer.

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Re: How to spot a SPAMmer.

Post#16 by francois » 16 Jan 2016, 01:07


You have seen many recently on the porteus forum?
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Re: How to spot a SPAMmer.

Post#17 by aus9 » 16 Jan 2016, 03:50


umm that would reveal info that I don't want to reveal publically...whether to say no or yes is not the point of my questions.

I will send you a pm shortly

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Re: How to spot a SPAMmer.

Post#18 by phhpro » 20 Jan 2016, 02:49

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Re: How to spot a SPAMmer.

Post#19 by brokenman » 20 Jan 2016, 09:07

The thing is ... we don`t have a problem with spam here. The only spam I have removed recently, I am sure was created by humans.
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