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Re: Distro Watch Weekly, 8 September 2014 - Porteus review

Posted: 11 Sep 2014, 18:30
by Ed_P
brokenman wrote:I think we need an FAQ and a 'Porteus for dummies' write up. The PFD should be very basic and use non technical language.
The PFD should be for new Linux people, the FAQ maybe for users of other Linux systems.

For Porteus and it's apps you have to decide who you want for your audience. People who have been using Linux for years have a different expectation for Porteus than people who are knew to Linux.

The latter group wants something similar to Windows; easy to boot, hardware support for hard drives, monitors, wifi controllers, usb ports and etc, a GUI desktop, a GUI browser and network support. Porteus appears to have most all that. Add in printer support, and helpful users to answer questions and solve problems and you've got converts.

The former group expects things to be the same or similar to other distros. I can't expand on that since I have near zero experience in that area. But the writer of the article in question apparently has a lot of experience and compared Porteus to the other distros he has tested and since it wasn't exactly like them rated it poorly.

Should that concern you? It depends on what your goal is, develop a system to be like other Linux systems or develop a system that is better and maybe unique; a small size, modular, quick to boot, lots of hardware support, etc. You didn't design/develop Porteus to please the author, or ask his input, you created it to be what you wanted it to be and I think it's quite impressive. :good:

Re: DistroWatch Weekly, 8 September 2014 - Porteus review

Posted: 30 Sep 2014, 19:46
by slack_distros_rock
Each major (1,2,3) version of Porteus seems to be an order of magnitude improvement in stability, hardware compatibility, and functionality, etc. The fast boot/shutdown times are awesome. The build your own distro option is cool. Ease of use for adding software could be improved. The website, forum, and documentation are very good. +100 points for antibloat :-)

Distrowatch should have given the Porteus development team kudos for their steady improvement, and how could he miss that its lots of FUN?