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suggest modules repo on usenet!

Posted: 15 Mar 2011, 12:02
by att
Hello all,

Since the nice FTP-server "slaxremix.hes78" is down (with KSA-ARAB's repo), and nobody else is willing to run an FTP-server (?), I suggest that we upload porteus-modules on the Usenet.
Suggested place for uploading: alt.binaries.linux
Suggested header for finding modules: [porteus aka slaxremix]-[32/64bit modules]-[module name]

I will be uploading all my modules next time I go to my 'special up/download inet-cafe'. They're 64 bit and many of them are straight from KSA-ARAB's place; some of them are self-compiled and not been seen around yet.


Re: suggest modules repo on usenet!

Posted: 01 Apr 2011, 19:47
by att
Okay, finally I posted my collection of modules to the usenet!
I hope you'll forgive me that I actually posted "Slax-Remix v09" 64bit modules, but they can easily be converted to xzm anyway.
Usegroup: alt.binaries.linux
Search for: "Slax-Remix v09 - 64 bit modules collection - can be converted to porteus modules - - read the readme file"

You can use, just be sure to click on "search in the other groups".