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Re: pburn not working for me

Posted: 07 Oct 2013, 18:31
by zigbert
Yes, it is an issue with exit-code(s). Pressing the X-button (window manager) will hide the log-box (where you see the command output), but not stop the burning process. ONLY the Emergency button will stop all processes related to pBurn. This is how it is intended to work. Then we could argue if it is logical or not.

The reason for the 'Emergency', is because the pid-handling in pBurn is not the best. When pressing the Emergency'-button, all processes related to burning are killed. This includes cdrecord, mkisofs, ffmpeg, .... So in a given situation, it would also kill processes NOT initialized by pBurn, - and this is not good - That's why EMERGENCY.

For the record:
The pBurn helpfile (usr/share/doc/pburn.html) is missing in Porteus. This leads to missing information in the Burn-options window. At first-run, pBurn generates these information variables based on chapters in the helpfile.


At the moment, I am not a Porteus user, but I am easy to reach in the Puppylinux forum.


Re: pburn not working for me

Posted: 08 Oct 2013, 12:21
by brokenman
Thanks for dropping in Zigbert. Many thanks for offering your assistance too!

Re: pburn not working for me

Posted: 13 Oct 2013, 19:58
by zigbert
pBurn 4.2.0

- Make it impossible to close logbox (where the command output shows), without stopping all burning operations. (thanks to brokenman)
- Commandline in advanced tab (burn-options) are now auto-refreshed. Refresh-button is removed.
- Msg about multisession burning with non-pBurn-disc has got options: blank disc, continue, disc info.
- Helpfile updated - Advanced chapter.
- Helpmsg if burning fails and CD only requires a reload.
- Remove Normalizer as dependencies. ffmpeg (requires ffmpeg-1.1)do the job instead.
- Set normalizing to true by default.
- Don't activate the 'eject disc' option after blanking. You probably want the disc still inserted.
- Bugfix: Remove the file the_video_you_wanted1.vob.partial by 'Emergency STOP' if using the gtkdialog tail-box.
- Bugfix: Kill also cddetect at Emergency STOP.

Re: pburn not working for me

Posted: 14 Oct 2013, 06:31
by fanthom
latest pburn will be included in next porteus release (as is the best in lightweight burners category).

thanks a lot zigbert.

btw: we used to strip all docs from the ISO to make is smaller. that's why all the pburn help is missing.