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Posted: 01 Jun 2013, 02:17
by ralcocer
Anybody working with Arduino, raspberri-pi TI launchpad, Solaris,Beagle Bone or3d printing

Re: Arduino

Posted: 01 Jun 2013, 17:18
by Ahau
I've used my tegra2 ARM tablet to do some stuff. I ported Porteus to ARMv5 (using slackwarearm) and then ported slackware for armv6 hard-float. Taking. A break now to work on Porteus 2.1 but when I have more time I'll update slackwarearmv6 to -current and/or 14.1 when it comes out and re-base porteus-arm on it. I'm mainly messing with software, so I'm not doing any unique or interesting hardware things with them, but hopefully others will be able to build on it.