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Re: freenode vs. minichat

Posted: 23 Apr 2013, 19:50
by surio
Over the evening, Hamza has been kind enough to set up a test IRC mode for the community/team to evaluate. :Yahoo!: Thank you Hamza, you have been most kind. :good: Please note that it is for testing and evaluation pupose for the community to check one over the other.

How to access the IRC page.

On the top right corner there's a new link: IRC:
It opens in a new tab/window.

1. You can use the same nickname from the forums. Makes it easy to identify ;)
2. fill in the CAPTCHA.
3. And you're in and awaaaay...

Please evaluate it based on the points that were discussed earlier....

Re: freenode vs. minichat

Posted: 24 Apr 2013, 06:20
by surio
One quick thought from me about this new IRC "test feature" introduced yesterday. Is it possible to set up a image icon "NEW" ( next to the IRC, or a small banner like this: "try our new IRC forums" on the top panel?

That way, everyone that comes to the forum doesn't have to read this post to find out the IRC feature to test.