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Realtime changelog for v1.2

Posted: 06 Feb 2012, 12:58
by brokenman
Rebuilt entire TDE base under porteus v1.2 final (slackware 13.37). Trinity has changed quite a bit, most importantly the base packages moved from a 'k' prefix to a 't' prefix to allow compatibility with KDE4 (not available in this version). Example: startkde is now starttde.

Wallpaper 'Guitar underwater'
Credit: Jason 'Sunnys1deup' Sun.

Home folder is now $HOME/.trinity and symlinks were made for .kde and .kde3 to cover all scenarios.

Fanthom has improved:
/boot folder:
- updated syslinux to version 4.05
- extilinux is recompiled againt uClibc and linked statically (size reduced from 260KB to 60KB)
- removed /boot/syslinux/syslinux as extlinux supports FAT filesystem as well
- fixed broken /boot/pxelinux.cfg/default menu
- updated /boot/
a) removed syslinux installation option
b) dropped unused 'update' function
- busybox is recompiled against new uClibc library patched for support for more than 256 loop devices/xzm modules (thanks to uClibc dev team for the patch). no need for carrying glibc based initrd for that purpose
- added support for encrypted .dat containers to linuxrc
- linuxrc will symlink /modules /and /optional folders from booting device to /mnt/live/porteus folder. these symlink can be used by PPM (or any other app) in case of booting on PC's with different drive configuration.

/porteus folder:
- updated to firefox-10.0 (with duckduckgo as default search engine)
- added various tweaks for XFCE support accross whole system (thanks to Ahau)
- rc.6 will detach unused loop devices during shutdown/reboot.
- added xterm fix to /etc/X11/xinit/.Xresources (thanks to bigbass)
- porteus scripts:
a) updated many scripts for not using liblinuxlive anymore
b) added support for encrypted .dat containers to mloop utility
c) various tweaks to activate/deactivate scripts. they work much faster and it should be possible to activate many modules at time without any restrictions.
d) fixed 'update_module' tool which deals with files only and not folders
e) added new cheatcode: 'volume=' to /opt/porteus-scripts/paths for setting volume after login into GUI
f) fixed 'kmap=' cheatcode implemented in /opt/porteus-scripts/paths (thanks to Blaze for bug report)
- added statically linked /sbin/cryptsetup to 000-kernel.xzm required for encryption of the .dat containers

Added avahi-daemon startup to rc.M
Added gnupg

Removed audacious media player and plugins (replaced by noatun in 004)
Added following packages:
epdfview-0.1.8-i486-1sl (Arabic_World suggestion)
galculator (Arabic_World suggestion)
aspell-60.6 (moved from 004)
gnupg (required for kgpg in 004)
Added avahi and libdaemon for zeroconf functionality (Wread suggestion)
Moved from 003 to 002:

Changed line in root/.config/libfm/libfm.conf

Added bdftopcf-1.0.3-i486-1
patched and rebuilt libart_lgpl-2.3.21-i486-1jay. No longer maintained upstream and was crashing some apps.
Removed poppler-data (not required anymore)
Added zarfy resolution changer (krandr is broken in Trinity)

Added kuser setup
Added kcron
Added kmyfirewall
Added kgpg
Added gwenview for image viewer
Added noatun for mediaplayer
Added Kfontview
Added Kcoloredit
Added krfb
Added kdiskfree
Added kwikdisk
Added ktimer
Added various games
Removed kopete
Removed kaudiocreator
Removed kplayer
Removed artscontrol
Rebuilt k3b (note: ripping individual titles still fails)

Koffice has been replaced with abiword. A menu item under OFFICE will allow you to download the removed koffice module.

Headers are no longer extracted from other apps and put into 007.

Update 20th April 2012
Added savedat manager GUI with support for encrypted containers
Added GUI for magic_folders (support for encrypted containers for next release)
Added pburn (thanks bigbass)
Refined PPM bugs
Recompiled latest Trinity which addresses some minor bugs
Updated to kernel 3.3.4
Crystal theme is now working with Trinity
kmix icon is back (fanthom)
klaptop icon working
Added xvidcap screen recorder to 002-xorg
Added gftp to 002-xorg (Thanks fanthom)
Added asunder audio ripper to 002-xorg (Thanks fanthom)
Added Avidemux2 to 002-xorg (Thanks fanthom)
Removed extpkg, rempkg, unpack scripts (also removed all /var/log/scripts required by extpkg)

Final Update 1st July 2012
Updated to kernel 3.4.4 (Thanks fanthom)
Replaced wicd with network manager (removed python)
Added GUI for power-saver
Added GUI for advanced system info
Added GUI for edit of porteus.cfg
Added GUI for file/folder encryptor/decryptor
Added GUI for keyboard settings
Added GUI for firewall manager (sorry wread)
Added GUI for password changer
Added GUI for porteus updates
Added GUI for cheatcode viewer
Added service menu for clipboard checksum checker (inspired by don570)
Added 'startup scripts' GUI
Added option to replace Trinity with KDE4 (Thanks wread)
Merged GUIs (above) for porteus apps into 'Porteus Settings Centre'
Added gparted
Added double commander (Cyril's suggestion)
Fixed kubuntu reference in konqueror (thanks UrUtusUbU)
Added fbreader (thanks don570)
Added notecase (thanks don570)
Added yakuake
Memtest bot option replaced with 'boot from 1st HD' (Thanks fanthom)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the upgrade to TDE many of the existing kapps available in the package manager will not work under new version. Porteus v1.2 will require the kapps with 'tde' in the name. For example (kbackgamon-tde-v1.3.4-i486-1.xzm). Older apps may not work. None KDE specific applications should still work as normal.

Re: Realtime changelog for v1.2rc1

Posted: 14 Feb 2012, 14:44
by Ahau
Hi brokenman,

Everything looks good, I'm excited to try it out!

I'm assuming enchant+aspell were added for abiword. FYI, spellchecking won't start working unless the aspell language definitions pack is added (e.g. aspell-en-6.0_0-noarch-4, available in the slackyd repo). I've done this for xfce-apps and it should work out of the box without additional configuration.

Re: Realtime changelog for v1.2rc1

Posted: 15 Feb 2012, 02:40
by brokenman
Thanks Ahau, i meant to press Y instead of N in slackyd. Will add the package.

Re: Realtime changelog for v1.2

Posted: 03 Jul 2012, 21:47
by Ahau
Here's the changelog for the Xfce edition from v1.2 rc2 to v1.2 final (see the relevant xfce threads in the development sections of the forum for earlier changes). Note that the Xfce edition is built on top of the core, xorg, devel, and firefox modules from the Standard edition, so any changes that are made to those modules also apply to the xfce edition.

-added 'open thunar as super user' menu item, using ktsuss to open thunar
-moved application launcher buttons back to the main panel (no more second, autohide panel)
-added scripts to change the location of the panel from top to bottom and back:
'xfpaneltop' and 'xfpanelbottom'. These can be run from GUI or CLI, and can be used with the 'autoexec' cheatcode to change the panel location to the bottom of the screen for users who prefer that and are not saving changes. Example: 'autoexec=xfpanelbottom'
-added 'xfce4-cpugraph plugin'
-removed duplicated menu entries for Thunar, Task Manager, and Terminal (they are only found under the accessories heading now)
-moved geany to the accessories heading in the menu, instead of development
-removed gnome-ppp and deps from 32-bit, you can use network-manager instead