Real time changelog for upcoming Porteus-1.1 release

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Real time changelog for upcoming Porteus-1.1 release

Post#1 by fanthom » 04 Aug 2011, 12:49

Slowly started working on next Porteus relese ;)
changes implemented so far:
- kernel 3.0
- KDE-4.7.0
- switched whole system to 'en_US.UTF-8' locale to be able to display all names on FAT/NTFS by default, screenshot:
- raised SLEEP= value in linuxrc from 5 to 6 which gives total of 12sec for searching for sgn file and 6 sec for other locations (changes, extra mods, rootcopy)
- 'delay=' cheatcode should be necessary only in really rare cases
- new cheatcode: kmap= to load desired keymap straight after boot
- added 'chmod 1777 /dev/shm' to rc.S
- removed clearing of .pid files from rc.6 (linuxrc does it when changes are discovered)
- tweaked activate scripts once again: added 'update-desktop-database' for LXDE and removed 'update-shared-mime-info'
- fixed "ntfs mount with additional options" bug in LST
- disabled nepomuk service completely: less I/O on pendrive when user is saving changes
- added vmware DDX driver
- merged docs by Ahau
- added "OnlyShowIn=LXDE" to LST (need to add in 32bits too)
- tweaked ~/.bashrc: added coloured shell prompts and alias for MC to exit to currently working dir
- added graphical menu for PXE boot (the same scheme as syslinux has):
- added support for saving kbd settings for both: root and guest in LST
- set qmmp default mixer to MASTER
- integrated info from porteus-livedbg in 'psinfo'
- changed 'su' alias in /home/guest/.bashrc to 'su -l -p' which lets stay in currently working dir after switching to super user account

KDE-4 eyecandy:
- Smooth Tasks plasmoid is set as default task manager
- 'Elegance' theme is set by default
- new wallpaper

KDE-4 screenshot:

most of the changes will be merged to 32bit release too.
more to come :)
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Re: Real time changelog for upcoming Porteus-1.1 release

Post#2 by fanthom » 19 Oct 2011, 23:08

UPDATE as per 16/08/2011:

- removed rt2860 and rt2870 firmware as these drivers are replaced by rt2800x
- added expat utility to devel module as it's required very often when compiling from sources
- added ~/.bash_profile which incorporates ~/.bashrc to preserve the same settings when opening real and virtual shell (eg xterm)
- updated kernel to 3.0.1 + stable aufs patch from new 3.0 branch
- kernel compiled with devtmpfs support
- dropped support for ext2 and ext3 fs as they will be mounted by ext4 driver (smaller kernel size)
- initrd is formatted by default with ext4 (without journal)
- recompiled new LXDE on Porteus by using ponce's slackbuilds

UPDATE as per 19/08/2011:
- upgraded busybox to version 1.9.0
- added 'kamerka' webcam tool to KDE-4:
- added kernel-firmware module (all fw which is left outside of the ISO) to official repo
- blacklisted b43 and ssb drivers by default as they are conflicting with broadcom-sta driver (thanks francois)
- recompiled squashfs-tools (thanks Sitwon for the slackbuild)
- added battery monitor applet to LXDE
- added "ntfs" to /etc/filesystems to allow automounting of ntfs formatted removable media in LXDE and KDE
- linuxrc: fixed unmounting error when copy2ram was used with changes= on read-only media
- linuxrc: fixed a bug where non booting partition was still mounted when copy2ram was used on usb stick with 2+ partitions. sorry for this description but it's hard to explain it better. (Ahau - thanks for bug report)

UPDATE as per 28/08/2011:
- after few simple tests i have decided to go with BFS by Con Kolivas as default for the next 64bit kernel - responsiveness first!
- added drivers requested by the users to the kernel config
- removed many legacy DDX and Mesa 3D drives from 002-xorg as they will be dropped by upstream in next few months
- new description for ramsize cheatcode (update of cheatcode.txt is needed)
- removed vorbis-tools (sorry Tonio)
- removed slackware search firefox addon as slacky/sackbuilds repo are supported by PPM
- added gnome-mplayer to 002-xorg - this should keep lxde users happy :)
- added kcm_touchpad package for tweaking touchpad setting directly from KDE
- added full flashplayer package with KDE settings included
- tweaked linux installation scripts to make them work with Debian

UPDATE as per 17/09/2011:
- all libs and binaries inside initrd are recompiled against 32bit uclibc (50% of original size and works 3 times faster). initrd is now the same for both archs except of kernel drivers. 720KB only :D
- ramdisk size reduced from 6666 to 2666 (porteus gonna take 4MB less of the memory after boot)
- added statically compiled 32bit lilo, syslinux and extlinux (extlinux segfaulted during execution and it had to be compiled with standard glibc - has noticeable bigger size)
- recompiled init agains uclibc - has now 60KB instead of 560KB so it doesn't take that much space inside initrd
- tweaked 'from_dir=' cheatcode so it's allowed to keep porteus data in any dir: /mnt/sdb1/64 instead of /mnt/sdb1/64/porteus
be aware that now you need to provide full path to .sgn file, so when you put porteus data in /mnt/sda1/64/porteus, then you need to use "from_dir=/64/porteus" cheatcode (crashman and Kriss request)
- updated qt to 4.7.4 (used alien's script)
- added missing launcher for ConsoleKit to rc.M (thanks to wread)
- some configuration tweaks to LXDE (transparent panel, firefox set as default for html links, lxterminal has tabs at the bottom, etc..) and KDE (kwin effects, shortcuts, etc...)

UPDATE as per 04/10/2011:
- added rtlwifi firmware and brought back ralink one (sill needed by rt2800pci driver)
- IMPORTANT: system cache's like shared library links, X fonts indexes, icon cache, gtk/gdk/pango caches, mime/desktop databases, etc.. are updated ONLY if additional modules are found (faster booting purpose)
- removed 'xconf' cheatcode from /boot/porteus.cfg as not needed anymore
- switched default runlevel to 4 (GUI) and removed 'autoexec=telinit~4' from /boot/porteus.cfg.
- kernel config: enabled power saving mode on HDA soundcards with timeout set to 5 mins. let me know in case of troubles with sound...

UPDATE as per 19/11/2011:
- added xf86-video-fbdev ddx driver as alternative to VESA one. be aware that /dev/fb0 must be availiable to use this driver. if KMS is not working for your GPU then you can activate standard Vesa framebuffer (which is built into kernel) with 'vga=791' cheatcode.
- disabled poulsbo kernel module in favor of psb_gfx from staging area
- desktop theme switched from Elegance to Oxyzone (better visibility for some texts on buttons)
- fixed bug caused loging into LXDE not possible when "changes=" cheatcode was used
- worked around most annoying kde-4.7 bug: kmixer crash at startup
- added 'dconf' package for saving gnome-mplayer settings
- linuxrc: added info about removing of the booting media (removable: CD/usb) when copy2ram is used
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