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[not4n00bs] ...Adventures In Remastering DE's

Posted: 17 Oct 2017, 19:46
by n0ctilucient
The key to persistent "DE" remastering (ie... "AnyPorteusDE" .iso)
regardless of /base/003-"DE".xzm is creating/editing a...
/porteus/base/06-bundle4(anyDE).xzm or...
/porteus/modules/bundle4(anyDE).xzm or...

(this method can be used for multiple DE's after editing porteus.cfg w/ cheatcodes)
to overwrite the following /etc configurations with the following...
/etc/slim/"slim.conf" (ie... session = "yourDE" aka... /usr/bin/"Name-Of-Your-DE-Binary")
/etc/x11/init/"initrc" (ie... delete the initrc."defaultDE" and rename initrc."yourDE" to initrc."defaultDE" so "initrc" will link to it)
Pls Note: DE means... "desktop environment" (ie. EquinoxDE... Xfce... etc)

If you want some cool login "eye candy" (desktop backgrounds too ;) ) goto... and download a .jpg to replace /usr/share/slim/themes/background.jpg

I use this... ... a-2287759/

[not4noobs] ...Adventures In Remastering DE's

Posted: 31 Oct 2017, 02:16
by fulalas
Nice start, but there are lots of other things to consider. :) I have to finish a 'how to create a DE for Porteus from scratch' that I'm writing together with arleson. It may help some curious people that don't want to use current available DEs for Porteus. The step by step is not complex, but it's kind of big.

[not4n00bs] ...Adventures In Remastering DE's

Posted: 31 Oct 2017, 15:01
by n0ctilucient
Wow... cool. I didn't "consider" going that extra mile because I'm pressed for time
(DIY... "hardening" is time consuming). :unknown:

Your excellent builds require deprecation and I haven't
done the leg work to get it done w/out breaking stuff.

This tutorial is the lazy man's version of what you do.

If you post a "from scratch" 003-oroborus.xzm
I'll "consider" using it as a build base. ;)

see... A Pek (and/or Joe's) WM alternative?

this my my prefered desktop and login... :good: ... a-2287759/

and my porteus.png

Pls Note: you could "consider" adding tkDVD for feather weight .iso burning
and Xfe ultra-lite file manager (just a thought... :oops: )

I created a PekWM build that uses Feh (display manager)
using the following rc.local parameters...

feh --bg-fill /usr/share/wallpapers

The parameters were selected from this manpage... ... feh.1.html