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Running Porteus as guest

Posted: 05 Jun 2011, 02:27
by wread
We come from Slax with only a root account and no users. We decided to add a guest account, mainly because in many cases it is highly recommended to run as non-root.

Besides, we have learned to custom our system, adding our personal configurations to rootcopy. These facts, and the convenience of keeping the system small, led us to love the always fresh mode.

So, it is of primary importance to configure the guest account similarly to the account root. Logged in as root, we can do it by
1.- adding to rootcopy the folder "home", the subfolder "guest" under home, and

2.-copying all the folders under "rootcopy" (except the new ones under "home") in the new "guest" folder, then

3.-change the mode of all new files and folders, home, guest, and copied old files so that the group is "users" (owner is still root, but group changes now to users -it was root, before-), and finally

4.-change permissions of all new files, so that the users can write to it (guest belongs to users group). Permissions must be changed with +w.

On the next reboot in AF mode you can log in as guest and have all your settings there, too.

Enjoy! :beer:

@Hamza: I think this should be moved to HowTo's

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Re: Running Porteus as guest

Posted: 11 Jun 2011, 00:59
by Ahau
thanks, wread!!

I've moved this to the HOWTO section. Great article, especially for those converting from slax to Porteus!

Re: Running Porteus as guest

Posted: 11 Jun 2011, 09:10
by Hamza
Already done by Ahau, Thanks :)