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[HOWTO] About distro Porteus

Posted: 29 Jan 2011, 17:53
by Blaze
Porteus (ex. Slax Remix) is a LiveCD-live CD Linux operating system, based on Slackware and modified Linux Live Scripts. The distribution does not require installation and can be run from fixed and removable media, such as the USB flash drive or CD-ROM. As a core feature it can be run from RAM - Porteus will release the media it has been started from.

Porteus provides versions for x86 based systems as well as for x86_64 based systems. If your system is 64-bit then you can use either version, if you system is 32-bit then you can use the x86 version only.

Head of project Porteus Tomasz is known as fanthom and provides support for the 64-bit version. Jay (jayflood, now nickname brokenman) provides support for the 32-bit version.

Porteus uses KDE3 as desktop environment for 32 bit version and KDE4 for 64-bit versions (both versions include LXDE in addition).

One advantage of Porteus is its modular structure that allows you to easily modify it to fit the specific users needs. Programs can be added as modules "(modules have the extension *.lzm and *.xzm) or by installing with the standard Slackware package tools during runtime. Scripts for creation of *.lzm and *.xzm modules are included: tgz2lzm, txz2lzm, tgz2xzm, txz2xzm for converting Slackware packages and deb2lzm for converting Debian and Ubuntu.

Version 1.x will be based on Squashfs v4.0 with patched LZMA2 and aufs-2.1 as a substitute for UnionFS.

Re: [HOWTO] About distro Porteus

Posted: 30 Jan 2011, 13:18
by wread
Fine Business, Blaze! I would add:
"Porteus is intended for users who want to enjoy the stable "bleeding edge" of personal computing in an easy to use, modern, high speed platform"