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[HOWTO] A modems and mobiles - GPRS/EDGE/3G Internet access

Posted: 18 Jan 2011, 11:42
by Blaze
To set up a mobile Internet connection please do as follows:

1. Connect your phone to USB socket, go to Kmenu/Lxde menu > Internet > run the Internet Dial-Up Tool (KPPP).
2. Then click > Configure.
3. In the window that appears in the Accounts tab, click > New and select the box> Manual setup.
4. Choose Connection name and type name of your provider (doesn't really matter) and then click > Add, and then enter a phone number: *99# for phone Nokia, Sony Ericsson and others, for Siemens *99***1#. Once done click OK and OK again.
5. Now click Modems > New and write the name of the modem (for example Nokia).
6. In line modem device select /dev/ttyACM0
7. Click the Modem tab and then> Modem commands. Now enter in Initialization string 1 which is specific for your mobile operator.

for example:

provider Київстар

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provider МТС

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provider Билайн

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provider Мегафон

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provider ТЕЛЕ2

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and then click OK 3 times.
8. Next, enter your username and password (not important) and click Connect.

To set up a USB 3G modem connection please do as follows:

You need to load 'usbserial' kernel module with special parameter which is unique for your hardware vendor.

To find vendor and product ID, open console and run this command:

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and you should get something like:

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BBus 003 Device 003: ID 0421:006 b Nokia Mobile Phones
most interesting values are: 0421:006

now you can load usbserial driver like in this example:

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modprobe usbserial vendor=0421 product=006
And then need to follow the instruction about mobile Internet connection with 'first step'
but in step number 6 you need to select /dev/tty/usb0 (prefix may be different, for example / dev/ttyUSB1)

Good luck!

Howto translated by fanthom and Blaze from Russian language.